Samsung NX1 Review

Samsung NX1, which has emerged as the most striking model of the camera in recent years, offers photographers a wide range of features. Aside from the 15 FPS continuous AF feature, the AF Focus System Focus Auto Focus (AF) System III auto focus system and the 28-megapixel APS-C Backlight Illuminated CMOS Sensor will be the focus of those looking for a good camera in the mirrorless category as.

Samsung NX1

The NX1, which looks quite good with its trunk construction, is fully seated in hand. Magnesium alloy is used in the body which is a little big with dimensions. Thus, it stands out to the point of stability.

There is a 3-inch screen on the machine. This 3.0-inch screen has Super AMOLED panels. It is pleasing that the display is in Super AMOLED construction. Because the pictures you take are very beautiful on the screen. Let’s also say that the screen is touch-sensitive. So you can either use the menu area on the side or the screen. On the other hand, it is possible to bend the screen forward and backward. This screen can help you at different shooting angles. The screen does not turn right or left.

Samsung NX1 is using the DRIMe V Image image processor. This processor also uses successful camera and 4K video recording camera, as well as Samsung’s new 205 Phase Detection NX Auto Focus (AF) System III auto focus system. So the ability to focus on the camera is quite advanced. This is especially noticeable at the 15 FPS continuous shooting point. In this mode, a camera capable of capturing 15 frames per second ensures that each object is clear, even when the target image is in motion.

Samsung NX1 2

The NX1, which comes with a 28-megapixel sensor, can take a total of 6480×4320 pixels. It is also possible to shoot 4K videos with the NX1 just like we said before. The camera, which can reach up to ISO 51200 levels, also has an LCD status window on it.

Another noteworthy aspect of the Samsung NX1 is wireless connectivity support. Supporting the innovative Wi-Fi standard 802.11ac, the camera also supports connections such as NFC and Bluetooth. There are also USB 3.0, HDMI and microphones on the camera. On the other hand, let’s also say that the accessories for the NX1 include an external flash and an internal flash on it.

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