Snack Sale Comparison: Coles Catalogue vs Woolworths Catalogue

As we already know Woolworths Catalogue has its Big Night In prizes for customers who got the chance to win them after purchasing participating items. These products are viewable on pg 1-7 of the catalogue. On the other side, Coles has not a snack range as big. That is to say, in their catalogues. Still, you have new products at Coles. For example, Lindt Excellence extra creamy and 95% Cocoa chocolates. Also, Cadbury Dairy Milk mint and hazelnut flavours are two great new products at Coles. Speaking of new ones, the biggest new item on Woolworths snack sale is the Doritos Spider-Man packs. All superhero lovers will like this one. Doritos crackers, corn chips, and salsa sauce are in packs of Spidey now. Remember to buy 3 participating items to get a chance to win a prize. Unlike usual, not both catalogues have half-price deals on snacks. Coles has some half-price products from the snack range but they didn’t highlight those offers. Instead, you can find them on pg 3. Oreo chocolate coated biscuits, Infuzions mac and cheese chips, Twisties, Burger Rings, Cadbury Favourites, and more are half-price deals. In fact, all of the items that you see on pg 3 of that catalogue are half-price deals.

Woolworths vs Coles Snack Sales:

– Woolies has the Big Night In snacks and it’s way better than Coles Snacks this week.
– Woolworths has more half-price deals. That also includes frozen food snacks. 
– Woolworths has 7 pages with mostly snacks. Coles has nearly 3 full pages of snacks.
– Coles has better Coca-Cola deals.
– The cool Doritos Spidey products are on Woolworths Catalogue.
– You have a chance to win party prizes with Woolworths snack sale.

See these two half-price sales:



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