Spotlight Catalogue Bedroom Sale May 2019

We have only a few days to shop these bedroom products for these prices. Browse the Spotlight Catalogue for flannelette sheet sets with 40% discount. Maybe it’s time to replace your old bedding products with the new ones at lower prices. Quilt covers, pillows, trends of bedroom in Autumn, bathroom products, and more are available in the Spotlight Catalogue. Replace your summer bedding items with the new ones that are designed for the cold Autumn and Winter nights. You can also redesign using accessories like candles, frames, cushion covers, etc. Spotlight Catalogue is an essentials range as much as it’s made for Mothers Day gifts. Everything is an interesting gift on pg 6. You have bakeware, Sistema Food storage, glassware, and they are available with special discounts. Spotlight Catalogue will be valid until 5 May. Subscribe to the category to see what is hot in next weeks. Alternatively, you may follow our Facebook page where we share the deals.

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