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A proper place for finding quality furniture, a good deal, lots of catalogue content and more from one of the best retailers of Australia, Spotlight. Here you can find the latest Spotlight Catalogue and reviews about the deals.

This retailer usually has more than one catalogue at a time. Some catalogues are long-term deals. They have a 1-2 year validity for the deals. Spotlight has a VIP service that is kind of membership for better discounts. You can join this service for free. Become a member and never miss out the VIP catalogue content as well. Moreover, find a cheaper price of a product advertised on an Australian retailer which is not an online-only platform. Their claim is that they beat the lower price by 10%. In fact, many retailers offer such an advantage nowadays. It’s very safe to shop at this type of retailers who provide the guaranteed lowest prices.

Shop bedroom, bathroom, furniture, kitchenware, major and small appliances, curtains, and many more categories in the range of Spotlight and its online catalogues. You can always check out this page or alternatively follow our Facebook page for the updates on this category and others.

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Bedroom Summer Style at Spotlight in November 2019

The latest Spotlight catalogue introduces new savings on bedding products such as sheet sets, pillows, quilt cover sets and more. Everybody would like to have a refreshing set of bedding items in their bedroom but it can get expensive when you are not careful. Quilt cover set is one of the first steps for the renewal of your bedroom. Check out KOO AMALFI quilted quilt cover set priced at $49. To save $81 buy that product at Spotlight stores. The store also gives you the lowest price guarantee meaning they will beat a better price by 10%. Many furniture stores in Australia offer this if they are a major retailer. Whiter, paler, comfortable products of the bedding category can also be seen on pg 2. Some prices are even better than half. For example, save 65% off platinum Aruba quilt cover set. $69 is the price for the set. Check out a list of many items including pillows and mattresses on pg 4. You can subscribe to the free newsletter to get more deals like Spotlight Catalogue November bedding deals.

Check out more deals in the catalogue that includes special prices and the new range of the home products.

Spotlight Catalogue Winter 3 - 21 Jul 2019

Although Australia is not a very cold country, people seek for some warm clothes especially for the places where you can camp or do similar activities. You can use the VIP Club deals to buy the products of winter warmers on Spotlight Catalogue. Wool products, knits, and handmade are available at Spotlight. Save 40% off with VIP Club. Moda Vera Craft Tee of 450g will cost 40% less this week. You can find free projects, too. Buy the fabric you need and sew your own clothing. For example, you can read the instructions for how to make a great cardigan for this winter. You have more products in the catalogue. Go to pg 2-3 to see crafting items.
Find Christmas decoration and accessories on the last page of this catalogue. You have Amscan tableware, Robert's confectionery, and Jolly & Joy ugly sweaters for Christmas. Buy 2 Get 3rd Free deal is also available on that page.

And many more items are available for you to browse in this catalogue.

Spotlight Catalogue Mothers Day Gift Ideas May 2019

There are 3 new Spotlight Catalogues that will be valid on 8 - 26 May 2019. Each is specific for one group of products. For example, Spotlight Craft Catalogue contains discounts on floral containers, pegboard, paper pads, glue, blossoms, etc. Make beautiful and decorative accessories for your home with these items. If your mother likes to craft something on her own, the first of Spotlight Catalogues is exactly what you need to pick a gift.

Sewing machine, Jocelyn proust, Indonesian batiks, fabrics, are in the Spotlight quilting catalogue. VIP Club discounts are amazing for all of these. Most Mothers all around the world like to sew something. For this purpose, buying a cool sewing machine and a variety of fabrics might make a great gift for this year's Mothers Day sale.

Yarn sale for winter is also available in one of the catalogues. You get 40% off winter yarns. Bamboo cotton, velvet lux, craft tee, and more products are available in the Spotlight's sewing-related Mothers Day gift range in the latest catalogue.

Spotlight Catalogue Bedroom Sale May 2019

We have only a few days to shop these bedroom products for these prices. Browse the Spotlight Catalogue for flannelette sheet sets with 40% discount. Maybe it's time to replace your old bedding products with the new ones at lower prices. Quilt covers, pillows, trends of bedroom in Autumn, bathroom products, and more are available in the Spotlight Catalogue. Replace your summer bedding items with the new ones that are designed for the cold Autumn and Winter nights. You can also redesign using accessories like candles, frames, cushion covers, etc. Spotlight Catalogue is an essentials range as much as it's made for Mothers Day gifts. Everything is an interesting gift on pg 6. You have bakeware, Sistema Food storage, glassware, and they are available with special discounts. Spotlight Catalogue will be valid until 5 May. Subscribe to the category to see what is hot in next weeks. Alternatively, you may follow our Facebook page where we share the deals.

Spotlight Catalogue Bedding Products 7 - 24 Mar 2019

Cotton sheets, quilt cover sets, Tontine quilts, standard pillows, blankets, and more are available in the Spotlight Catalogue March Madness. Bedroom part of one of the latest sale by Spotlight has great deals on mattress toppers, Egyptian towel range, Maddie throws, cushions and more accessories. Decorate your home to get to the point where you have the 5-star hotel luxury. After you have everything you need for a comfortable environment in your living room and bedrooms, spending time at your house will feel uniquely enjoyable that you will never want to go outside and join the society. The comfort of your home will be so delicate that you will feel like there cannot be a place in the world that you can possibly belong other than your own house. Spotlight Catalogues will be the major support in building and maintaining such a beautiful place of your own.

Check out all the products of this catalogue and more offers from the future Spotlight Catalogues.