Spotlight Halft-Price Deals October 2023

View the Spotlight Halft-Price Deals October 2023! This great store celebrates its 50th anniversary with an epic deals! Spotlight catalogue is full of towels, bed linen, kitchenware and more! Don’t miss these great deals because you can only find them in this catalogue!

50 years of quality and innovation!

For more than 50 years, Spotlight has offered a wide range of products to beautify our homes. This brand continues to offer the most popular household products of each era. Spotlight catalogue presents the best aspects of the experience accumulated over the past 50 years.

Luxury and Comfort

One of the stars of Spotlight’s 50th anniversary celebration is the luxurious towels. With cotton construction and multiple color options, these towels will enhance your bathing experience. They are the perfect choice for those looking for luxury and comfort.

Redecorate Your Room

If you want to change the atmosphere in your home, Spotlight bedding set is the perfect choice for you. With designs ranging from modern patterns to classic styles, these bedding sets will make your bedroom attractive.

Mastery in the Kitchen

If you want to master the art of cooking in the kitchen, Spotlight pot and pan set is a great choice. The durable structure and design ensure even heat distribution that will make your cooking experience more enjoyable.

Incredible Prices on 50 Products

50 products in the Spotlight 50th Anniversary Catalogue showed with the benefits of 50 years of experience. These products not only stand out in quality and style but are also offered at competitive prices. Spotlight will delight you with these unique household products.

Taking advantage of the Spotlight Catalogue is simple. Visit your nearest Spotlight store or browse the category page. Don’t miss out on these 50th anniversary specials. Remember that supplies are limited, so visit quickly!

HALF-PRICES at Spotlight

  • Dri Glo Ellis Bath Towel 70 x 140cm, $8 (Save $22)
  • KOO 1200 Thread Count Bamboo Rich Sheet Set, $49 (Save $151)
  • KOO Cotton Club Textured Quilt Cover Set, $49 (Save $101)
  • Tontine Super Fill Pillow 2PK, $29 (Save $31)
  • Natio Candles & Diffusers each, $12 (Save $18)
  • KOO Chair Pads Vera 2pk & Elsa 2pk, $15 (Save $25)
  • Brampton House Australian 12 pc Dinnerset, $20 (Save $40)
  • Equip Marble 5pc Cookware Set, $60 (Save $90)

Feel the transformation of your home with the Spotlight products. Spotlight, the company that has been bringing color to our homes for 50 years, would like to thank you with this special deals. Experience the difference with unforgettable towels, stylish bed linen and cookware .

To take advantage of these great deals, check out the Spotlight catalog now and start redecorating your home.We are delighted to welcome you to this 50th anniversary celebration. Make your home more beautiful and comfortable with Spotlight.


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