Spotlight Catalogue Mothers Day Gift Ideas May 2019

There are 3 new Spotlight Catalogues that will be valid on 8 – 26 May 2019. Each is specific for one group of products. For example, Spotlight Craft Catalogue contains discounts on floral containers, pegboard, paper pads, glue, blossoms, etc. Make beautiful and decorative accessories for your home with these items. If your mother likes to craft something on her own, the first of Spotlight Catalogues is exactly what you need to pick a gift.

Sewing machine, Jocelyn proust, Indonesian batiks, fabrics, are in the Spotlight quilting catalogue. VIP Club discounts are amazing for all of these. Most Mothers all around the world like to sew something. For this purpose, buying a cool sewing machine and a variety of fabrics might make a great gift for this year’s Mothers Day sale.

Yarn sale for winter is also available in one of the catalogues. You get 40% off winter yarns. Bamboo cotton, velvet lux, craft tee, and more products are available in the Spotlight’s sewing-related Mothers Day gift range in the latest catalogue.