Spotlight Catalogue Winter Home 13 – 31 May 2020

Spotlight Catalogue Winter Home 13 - 31 May 2020Make your home ready for winter with buying new pretty winter home products from Spotlight Catalogue. It’s a versatile catalogue and it also has an offer of the overlocker. Spotlight Semco Indigo pro 4GT overlocker deal is a half-price deal on the first page. You can save $200 on that product. As usual, great deals are available on a Spotlight Catalogue Winter home sale. VIP club price is available on the catalogue and most other categories have similar deals, too. For example, shop all flannelette sheet sets & individual sheets for half price. They have bedroom products, too. On pg 2 and 3, you’ll see a lot of them including quilt cover sets. 250 thread sheets will cost 40% off until 31 May.

Tontine pillows, quilt cover sets, and wool products are a part of the Spotlight Catalogue Winter home sale. You can also find bathrobes or other bathroom products in the catalogue. It consists of 28 pages. You’ll also see kitchen ware, art and craft tools, sewing products, fabrics, and Spotlight’s sewing machine deals.

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