Supercheap Auto Catalogue Cooler Deals March 2020

Supercheap Auto Catalogue Cooler Deals March 2020Supercheap Auto Catalogue welcomes the first week of March with some cooler/warmer deals. These products are useful if you are planning a road trip with some food and drinks with you. You can simply use these products as a fridge. Garry Purcell who is a Youtuber with a lot of content about similar products has a review on official Supercheap Auto site. Check out his channel on YT. The review video is here. You might find it very useful if you need something like that. Wherever you are going, you might need some drinks for sure. When you have this product, before you open the box, you can see information about voltage rating and capacity or similar details. He recommends cooling it overnight for more effective cooling in the morning. It has a USB charging unit, too. You can easily charge your phones. There are more than one Thermo cooler/warmer products of this brand on the first page of the Supercheap Auto Catalogue. The review is about Ridge Ryder travelkool 22L.

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