Supercheap Auto Catalogue Valvoline Easy Pour 5 – 16 Jun 2019

Watch the video that Supercheap Auto prepared for you to learn the simplicity of this engine oil. The promotion of this product seems like the only reason that this Supercheap Auto Catalogue exists. The main feature of the Valvoline engine oil is having a wide spout which is 45mm in radius. That allows you to let the oil flow with a steady stream. More importantly, you will not have any burst. Another important thing about packaging this oil is the anti glug tube. In fact, this technology is the reason to have a nice and smooth stream of the oil. Its handle is perfectly centralised so that you will feel the weight of it and it will not be a struggle while pouring your oil.

Supercheap Auto Catalogue shows also the 25% off all the Valvoline Easy Pour products on the first and only page;

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