Supercheap Engine Oil Sale 19 Feb – 1 Mar 2020

Supercheap Engine Oil Sale 19 Feb - 1 Mar 2020Synthetic engine oil deals are available on pg 2. 10W-40 and 5W-40 products are on the first part of the entire sale. Supercheap Auto Catalogue 19 Feb sale covers new engine oil savings on pg 2. The catalogue doesn’t only offer engine oils. Coolants, car or bike care products like chain lubricants, chain cleaners, motorbike oil range are also available items on pg 2-3. Gulf Western premium gold premium oil is one of the products there. You can save 30% off. 4 different diesel engine oils of Penrite can be bought cheaper.
Also, go to pg 4-5 for car covers, car cleaning products. In winter, it can be rainy or when you go touring they will be dust everywhere including the interior of your car. It’s annoying and ugly to fool around with a dirty car. You won’t feel comfortable like that. If you the cleaning work of your car on your own, there are possibly many things you will like in this Supercheap Catalogue sale. Browse Supercheap Engine oil sale 19 Feb – 1 Mar and more deals: