Top 10 Household Deals at Coles and Woolworths | 24 – 30 Jun

Cleaning and household supplies can be very expensive if you don’t pay attention to the details of catalogues or the online sales from your local store. Woolworths and Coles are two major stores that have catalogues for the week. Each catalogue has a considerable amount of half prices. The most popular products like Finish dishwashing tablets can be found on Woolworths catalogue. Frequently, there are really good deals. Coles Catalogue also offers half prices. They have also deals on environment friendly products like Eco. Using top tier chemicals will impact the performance and the results. However, we must lower the costs. Check out the top half-price deals of the week on these two catalogues. You can shop Top 10 Household Deals this weekend:

Last week, our top pick was also a dishwashing tablet. They are really effective products.

Another dishwashing-related product. Not better than the first deal but if you like to use Fairy, it’s half-price this week.

Triple effect capsules are also very popular and effective products. 30 pack is a good amount for the price.

One of the best products in the range.

Use this kind of high-quality chemicals to make your bathroom smell good all the time.

Very cheap price for an environment-friendly product. You should shop in-store.

One of the highest amount of savings in the top 10 products list.

You’ll never know when things will get messy in your kitchen. It’s better to have some of these in it.

A small price for the soft touch of Kleenex. Plenty of them in a single pack.

This is a really important product because most of our casual clothes must be washed cold.

These are the Top 10 Household Deals from the catalogues of major supermarkets. However, maybe there are many more in other supermarket catalogues like ALDI, Foodland, Foodworks, etc. All of them are available for you to browse this week.

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