Where to Find Domino’s Vouchers

Craving Pizza? If you like Domino’s pizza but are short of cash or you just want a discount code to save, you might want to use Domino’s vouchers which you can obtain from different sources. I am not gonna give you the vouchers here. But I will tell you where to find the vouchers and discount codes. As of Jan 2024, Domino’s has over 700 stores in Australia, and that makes it one of the first-choice pizza restaurants. Before you read this I would like to state that no part of this post is paid partnership or affiliation. The post is all about helpful content that will help people find Domino’s Vouchers. 

If you are bored of cooking at home or trying to find the ingredients in your local supermarket, just enjoy the melting cheese on a hot crispy fresh pizza from Domino’s. But first, try finding a voucher. But where will you go to find them? Let’s examine the useful sources like websites and apps we can use to save on some steaming fresh pizza.

The first one is of course the obvious one and I think it might be best to use the official website because it matters where you are going to get your pizza and you can choose a restaurant on their website:

Follow their Instagram and Facebook which are the main social accounts. Brands like this often use social media to promote their deals quickly and easily. And it is very convenient for bargain hunters to encounter a good coupon while they are scrolling through their normal feed.

Domino’s App:

You might also think of downloading the app if you want more than vouchers because it lets you access exclusive deals. Also, you can use Apple Pay when ordering pizzas. You can also open an account on dominos.com.au and use the app through that account to order pizzas.

Domino's App

VIP Club: 

If you can’t get enough of this, you can even sign up for the VIP Club. Leave your information in the form on that page, they will start sending you emails or SMS letting you know about daily deals, vouchers, coupons, or others. That’s an effective way because you will also choose a local store there making sure you will get relevant vouchers only. More than Domino’s Vouchers will be in your pocket with that app.

You can easily find the vouchers for 1, 2 or 3 pizza offers or even more pizzas on their official website. With using vouchers, you can get pizza from this restaurant for as cheap as $15. The official page might be the best place to find their coupons or many other restaurant coupons for that matter.

But there are more websites and apps you can use:

We can’t skip Australia’s one of the best deal websites. If you are going to seek vouchers, coupons or promo codes, why stick with only one restaurant? There are thousands of people posting vouchers and deals for thousands of stores or restaurants there. If you like pizza or finding other deals check out OzBargains, specifically the link that I gave because they do not only share vouchers there but all Domino’s discounts. You will probably find whatever the official website of the restaurant shows there and probably even more. You can also submit your findings here and boost your profile there. Most deals are uploaded by users who are mostly experienced bargain hunters.

This website is more organized compared to ozbargain.com.au and their layout is more oriented toward the coupon or voucher type of deals. I think the benefit of using this page is that it gives you also deals from places like Uber Eats. That means if you use this one, you will hear from all places that deliver Domino’s products including those mouth-watering delicious crispy hot premium or traditional pizzas.

Speaking of deliverers, of course, Uber Eats is one of the most popular places and you can use some vouchers or discounts especially if you are gonna order more than one pizza which is often the case for pizza parties.

Finding vouchers and posting them is one of the useful things that this website does. They curate this page entirely on their own. From what I can observe, you will find mostly what the Domino’s website shows you. But the offers there are not limited to vouchers. You will also find sales and deals.

The cool thing about retailmenot is the browser extension. If you install the extension it will serve as a tool and it will apply the coupons or vouchers when you shop or order pizzas. If you don’t want the hassle of hunting deals that might be a quick solution. But if you don’t want the extension, you can see the discount codes there or you can use the links that will redirect you to the deals. Moreover, you can submit coupons, too. And it is reliable because it validates the vouchers.

Groupon is one of the first names you would think of when it comes to restaurant vouchers. You can find mostly voucher codes that will get you some discount on your Domino’s pizza. Their page of Domino’s vouchers is likable because they give extensive details about how to use the vouchers or coupons. They also have a subscription service. Sign up for that and they will send you emails when a new voucher is out.

topbargains is a website similar to OzBargains. People often share their deals in a forum-style layout. Their coupon page is different and more organized than the forum pages. Top Bargains has a coupons page where you can 100s of stores and restaurants.

Apps You Can Use to Save at Restaurants

Finally, I would like to mention an app called EatClub. The app shows a map of restaurants in the area of the zip code you provide. And if you order & pay in the app, you will get the deal. Although I could not spot Domino’s there, there are many pizza restaurants or various cuisines. Many of them offer 50% off.

Domino’s Student Discount

Domino’s Pizza offers an irresistible student discount in partnership with UNiDAYS, giving you a mouthwatering 33% off Premium and Traditional pizzas. If you’re not already a member of UNiDAYS, simply register for free on their website. UNiDAYS verifies your student status to unlock exclusive discounts at various retailers, including Domino’s.

After registering, you’ll need to verify your student status through UNiDAYS. This typically involves providing some form of proof, such as a valid student ID or university email address.

Once your student status is verified, you’ll gain instant access to the Domino’s student discount. Simply log in to UNiDAYS, locate the Domino’s offer, and follow the instructions to claim your discount. With your discount secured, head over to Domino’s website or app to place your order. With a generous 33% off, you can enjoy delicious Domino’s pizza. You can sign up on dominos.com.au.

Aside from Domino’s Vouchers, a student discount is probably the best deal this restaurant has to offer.

How To Use Domino’s Vouchers?

When you want to order pizza on dominos.com.au pay attention to the “Add A Voucher” module. Write the code there and apply. It is that simple.

The voucher system typically works by providing customers with codes or coupons that they can use to redeem discounts or special offers when ordering pizzas or other items from Domino’s. These vouchers may offer discounts on specific menu items, provide deals such as “buy one, get one free,” or offer discounts on entire orders. Check out Domino’s store locator to see if there is a nearby store that will accept the vouchers you can find. They have stores in 8 territories. 

Interesting To Know: Domino’s 20-Minute Delivery

We are trying to find vouchers and deals on Domino’s pizza but is it even worth it? If you want your pizza fast, it might be because Domino’s has been trying to improve their delivery by experimenting with different ingredients. That’s not news in 2024 but there is an interesting WSJ video about this. I embedded that video below. Of course, this sometimes might not be safe for workers so it is conditional. Do check out their website about Domino’s delivery guarantee. Watch this interesting video “Can Domino’s Deliver Pizza in Under 10 Minutes”. It is an old video but it is really interesting. If you want to see reviews on Domino’s pizzas, check out Greg’s Kitchen on Youtube. He has made quite a few review videos on their pizzas and sides.

More Pizza Deals

Looking for even cheaper pizza? Why not try our deal finder to spot frozen pizza deals? They are always cheaper than restaurants and you still get to eat decent pizza at your home’s comfort. You can buy them when they are on sale, stock them up, and have them whenever there is a nice and comfy opportunity. But I know frozen pizza is not as nearly good as a fresh pizza from a restaurant.

However, choosing a good frozen pizza might require some experience but I don’t want you to go to stores and spend $100 on different pizzas. Instead, read a useful article that reviewed frozen pizzas from Coles, Woolworths, ALDI, and other stores. It is on news.com.au. The article was updated in December 2023. They went there and grabbed some of those frozen pizzas and rated them.


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