Woolworths Catalogue Continental Stock Varieties Introductory Price

Woolworths has a new product from Continental. Standard shelf price is $4 but Woolworths Catalogue suggests that it will be only $2 as a new product. Visit pg 12 to explore this one and other products including “low price always” deals. The catalogue is full of half-price deals and many good price drops in all categories. Weekly food supplies are in a perfect form and at lowest possible prices. You can save more with each Woolworths Catalogue.

It is an instant meal that will save your time and money. There are other similar products such as Farmhouse gold organic milk, gold custard and gold yoghurt on pg 14. You will only need to pay $4 – $5 for those dairy products. Another instant food deal is on Yoplait petit Miam yoghurt pouch of 70g pack that is sold at $4.50 for 5 at Woolworths stores. Twinings breakfast tea is at half price. Pay only $5 and save $6 on pk 80-100 Twinings.

You can buy Mother’s Day gifts. Caffitaly s24 coffee machine and Gloaria Jeans coffee capsules will be sold at a cheaper price. Visit pg 10-11 to see these products. Read Woolworths Catalogue review for the half-price deals from this catalogue.

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