Woolworths Catalogue Deals 23 – 29 May 2018 | Half Prices and Specials


Half-price deals on Snickers, Mars, Sorbent, Leggos and more products are on the cover page of the Woolworths Catalogue. Prices dropped deals are valid for Tamar Valley Greek yoghurt, macro Organic muesli on pg 2-3. “Low Price Always” for a variety of pantry products like spaghetti, garlic bread, Bulla thickened, Italian parmesan, organic pouch soup and more on pg 4-5. Coke, Sprite, Lipton ice tea, half prices on candies including M&M’s and more brands.

Lindt fruit sensation products is a nice Woolies special. Natural Chip Co. and Cadbury Clinkers will be among the deals of prices dropped deals. Moreover, check out pg 8 if you want to restock your breakfast food like Kellogg’s cereals, Nestle Milo, Nutella hazelnut spread and similar products.

Snacks at half prices:

Increase the amount of protein you consume in a quick way. Macro packaged products which are organic and healthy ones will be on sale. Visit pg 10 for the details about Macro products and other specials. A new selection of wafer crackers, rice varieties and more from healthy food and snacks on pg 11. Gatorade sports drink of 600mL bottle will cost only $2.45 which is $1.20 cheaper than the previous price. Shop half-prices in the category of the pantry that has offers of vegetable oil, pudding, baking products and more.

Pantry and Packaged Food Deals

½ prices from the category of packaged food:

Most people don’t bother cooking or anything and Coles has a special product range for the packaged pizza or other practical food ideas. Visit pg 14-15 for frozen products and more.

The dairy shelf will help you find lowered costs of yoghurt, Bega block cheese, Italian shredded mozzarella cheese, fetta cheese, and more. Woolworths fresh food kids range will offer discounts on onions, carrots, mandarins, avocados which are all Australian Grown products. Meat, shrimp, Atlantic salmon fish, beef scotch fillet steak, forequarter chops, beef burgers and further of this list.

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