Woolworths Catalogue Deals 4 – 10 Jul 2018 | Half Prices, Grocery

Australian grown products are a majort part of the Woolworths Catalogue 4 – 10 Jul 2018. You may find interesting recipes on pg 2-3. Sweet potato fannel and harn soup is a great recipe that is available on pg 3. Go to pg 4 for Heinz soup variety as a special deal. Prices Dropped for many products. Soup is a special keyword for the week at Woolworths stores. For example, Asian style chicken and corn soup will cost only $8 for 1kg pack.

Prepare awesome snacks and drinks for the Big Night! Half prices are valid for snacks. Buy Doritos, Smith’s, Thins, Coca-Cola, McCain beer batter chips and more. Cadbury Dairy milk gives free board game. Buy Marvellous creations blocks of 170g for only $3! Save $2 on that product. Woolies makes awesome deals on all the categories. Frantelle water is one of the fine deals with a $7.50 saving! CC’s nacho corn chips will cost $2.

A new DVD is available with introductory price. Pacific Rim Uprising is a popular movie of recent years. You might want to check out that deal as well.

Gatorade Sports drink or G-Active water, Red Rock Deli potato, Nestle Kit Kat are all possibly interesting products to the Woolworths customers.

Look for the “Prices Dropped” deals for good products from this sale. Woolworths Catalogue created a good sale and everybody can benefit the savings. Check out the deals on drinks & snacks, pantry sale, Australia’s Own milk and more on pg 12-13. Price drops for Nestle condensed milk, Australia’s Own almond milk, Vitasoy, Pure Natural Raw C coconut water, Arnott’s Cruskits, and more special products.

Pantry products and ½ prices:

Moreover, low price always for weet-bix and Nescafe Cappucino. Visit pg 14 for details of products like that and Kellogg’s Sultana bran, Nestle Milo, Nature Valley crunchy which are perfect breakfast food. Sirena Tuna of Italian style can will cost only $3.30! Chinese food is one of the trends. Passage to India and more Asian delights can be your option for dinner or lunch today. The prices and deals are valid starting on Wednesday.

Greek yoghurt is probably the most popular yoghurt type. It’s no way has side effects like gaining you more weight. Probiotics are abundant in milk derivative products. One of the drinks and foods that is rich in probiotics is Greek yoghurt and you can always find a good deal on a fine yoghurt brand in Woolworths Catalogues. Online or in-store deals in the dairy sale will be one of the sweetest sides of this week’s shopping. Jalna Greek style yoghourt of 1kg pack is only $5 at Woolworths. And the yoghurt goes with everything. You can sweeten it with sugar if you want. I would not recommend it. You can dilute it with some water to make a refreshing salty drink. It’s a very popular drink in Middle East.

In fresh products sale, broccoli, blueberries, mandarins and avocados are on sale. Visit pg 22-23 for the details of these fresh products. Stay healthy and consume more vegetables instread of carbohydate foods. One useful information: when you consume carbohydrate like pizza, your body starts to synthesize insulin. That prevents your body from burning fat for a while (Insulin has such effect). So after you eat sugar containing things, consider not to consume it for a long term to give weight and stay in fit.

Protein is the best source of food in most cases:

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