Woolworths Catalogue Sale 20 Apr 2016

Create an art in your kitchen for the whole family but know that the only thing you need for this is Woolworths Catalogue !

Woolworths Catalogue Sale 20 Apr 2016

This time we are close to savings with Woolworths Catalogue Sale 20 Apr 2016 which offers you more products with more savings presenting them with simple-to-use preview. The sale starts on 20 Apr when you can see HALF PRICE products of Nutri Grain, drumsticks, Coca Cola, Biozet Attack laundry that are available on the cover page.

SNACKS in this sale can be browsed on pg 2 where Arnott’s shapes, Allen’s snakes alive, M&M’s chocolates and Doritos chips could be purchased for the dropped prices. HALF PRICE range of more snacks are available on pg 3.

COFFEE, beverage and sauces for your breakfast and lunch consisting of only dropped prices on pg 5-9 are pantry food. In this sale quick foods like Campbell’s and LeZuppa chicken or noodles are also live. Recipe of Anzac Biscuits can be read on pg 8. Baking products like milk, soda, brown sugar and pancake shake are the deals. Save with Woolworths Catalogue prices on all pantry products and baking products on these pages.

Woolworths lets you give Indian food and spices a try with your meals today. Shop for Passage to India products and read recipe of butter chicken if you are into it. LOW PRICE range for some products can be interesting for you. Visit pg 10 for these.

FROZEN food on sale featuring Algida Blue Ribbon and Golden Gaytime ice cream varieties can be browsed on pg 11. Savings on frozen food can be further seen on the next page. This week Birds Eye oven bake, nuggets, fingers products are products we can come across. Fill your fridge with the best cheese products and appetizing dairy products. Learn Recipe of Fettucine Carbonara on pg 14. Get more products with Woolworths dropped price sales.

Woolworths Fresh Fruits 20 Apr Sale

The list of price dropped products :

MEAT sale with new prices and products on pg 16, packaged meat on pg 17, Seafood featuring prawns, salmon and more on pg 19 are priced at lower values this week. BAKERY sale features new cookies, packaged bread and banana bread. Family damper 800g is $3 until they finish it !

FRUIT & VEG featuring seedless grapes, broccolini brunch and earnings of rewards on pg 21-22 are attractive offers by this Woolworths Catalogue.


This week’s pharmacy are priced with 20% dropped numbers. Vit Australia fish oil, coenzyme, royal jelly are the products featured. See low price always for luxury soft and homebrand infant nappies. DENTAL CARE AND PERSONAL care like deo, Colgate toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, or HALF PRICE of Nivea, Johnson’s body wash are the products you can’t miss on pg 24.

HOME Products including Mother’s Day gifts like ladies’ luxury robe, flannelette, and bedroom offers on pg 27 are on sale. Discover new gadgets to use in your kitchen with Woolworths Catalogue Sale 20 Apr featuring 20% off . Jamie Oliver products are rarely low priced. CLEANING supplies on pg 30 with price drops:

And more products can be yours. Samsung phones with plans are offered by Woolworths. Check pg 39 to hear from this deal.

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