Woolworths Discovery Garden Day 9 – 15 Oct 2019

12th October will be Discovery Garden day at Woolies. Visit Woolworths stores to participate in this event on Saturday. You can learn about this event and the details on this page. 24 vegies are collectible Aussie farming products at Woolworths. You will get one of them when you spend $30. Beetroot, carrot, coriander, chives, and more are in the range. Also, watch videos about how to farm in your garden. Videos like how to do unboxing, harvesting, and more activities are available on woolworths.com.au. Also, you can win a holiday shopping participating items. Woolworths Catalogue is also enjoyable for kids. They will learn about the national fresh produce of Australian fields. Woolworths Discovery Garden Day is an opportunity to save on grocery products and win a holiday.

Woolworths Pantry Sale and Half-Price Deals

Find eligible products in the pantry section. They will make you earn a holiday trip. One of them is Uncle Toby muesli bars. 185g pack of it is $2.15 which is half the regular price. Buy coffee, coconut milk, and more products within this sale on pg 4-5. Plenty of deals regarding the lower prices of canned goods and more are viewable on pg 6&7. Annalisa seed beans or tomatoes is a $.40 saving this week.

½ prices only:

Consider this catalogue as one of your sources for filling your pantry for lower costs. There is always an interesting deal or a special new item in these Woolworths Catalogues. Snacks and drinks are regularly part of these deals. Visit pg 8-11 for the snacks and drinks sale. A lot of half prices are also available there.

Woolworths Frozen Food and Fresh Specials

As the weather goes hotter you will need more refreshment. While there are nice deals, you might want to stock up some in your fridge. Magnumm classic ice cream tub, Streets ice cream variety, and other frozen products are featured items on pg 12-13. Woolworths Catalogue promotes Rewards and bonus points on the same part of it. Learn about Qantas points on this page. Probiotics are important compounds that your digestion system needs and they are in dairy products like Greek yoghurt. Flavourless and sour Greek yoghurt is the best to get your probiotic intake. I recommend Chobani Greek yoghurt that is sold at $5 starting on Wednesday.

Buy fresh produce items like grapes, asparagus, brushed potatoes, and more products on pg 16-17. In Australia, some fresh products are sold in packs and some, one by one. For example, 2kg pack of brushed potatoes will cost $3 which I must say is not that cheap. In most countries, potatoes can be much cheaper. The reason these products are getting expensive all over the world is I think inflation. However, I am not an expert and I should not say much about the issue. Normally, we should be able to buy these much cheaper than these.

Woolworths Meat and Seafood Products

Meat aisle has more eligible products this week. Buy beef, lamb, and more types of meat at Woolworths to increase your chance to win that holiday. Lamb forequarter chops will cost $14. When you want really juicy and salty meat for grilling your choice is lamb. Spring lamb is available at Woolies this week. Also, learn about Coles Spring lamb deals.

Shop deli and bakery products for catalogue prices. Wrap, bread loaf, cookies, and more things are on sale this week.

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