20% off Toys at Target and Game Sale in Catalogue

Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch are available on Target Catalogue but the important thing there is 15% off iTunes gift cards. More gift cards including Nintendo eShop currency cards and Uber gift cards are possible Christmas gifts for everyone. Target also has 20% off toys on target.com.au. Most brands like City, Friends, vTech, Toy Story 4, Nerf, Hot Wheels, Barbie, Fisher-Price, and more are available with 20% cheaper prices. They got Lego Technic, LOL Surprise 2-in-1 glamper, JBL wireless noise-canceling headphones, and more products on sale. Target has the JBL headsets on the catalogue, too.

Other than that, you can find Samsung smartphones and smartwatches as gifts for Christmas. The catalogue has offers of movies such as Remake of Lion King, X-Men Dark Phoenix, Grinch, and more. Good Christmas movies might be some occupations for Christmas lovers. Also, Game of Thrones Season 8 will be available at Target. I’ll be honest, as much as I appreciate the work and I respect the crew including actors of Game of Thrones, I am not a fan of that particular season. In fact, the last two seasons are worse than the previous ones considering the story only. Otherwise, VFX, acting, costume, music were perfectly crafted. It’s a great Christmas TV series. Not a Christmas-themed thingy, but you know, only adults should watch it. It’s R-Rated.