ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 16 2016

ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 16 2016 features various products from winter heating products, bedroom comfort products, Greek food, garden decoration offers that are all on sale. Work wear selection is on sale on the catalogue.

ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 16 2016
[P1]Air Nailer Or Air Stapler|$29.99 ea[P1]
[P2]Air Spray Guns|$24.99 ea[P2]
[P3]7 Fin Oil Column Heater|$49.99[P3]
[P4]Australian Wool Quilt – Queen Size|$79.99[P4]
[P5]Dolmades Or Giant Beans In Tomato Sauce 280g|$2.29 ea[P5]
[P6]Outdoor Firepit|$89.99[P6]
[P7]Men’s Hi-Vis Hoodie|$18.99 ea[P7]
[P8]Heavy Duty Shelf|$49.99[P8]
[P9]Flame Effect Heater|$129[P9]
[P10]Convection Heater|$69.99[P10]
[P11]Ceramic Tower Heater|$59.99[P11]
[P12]Ceramic Fan Heater|$29.99[P12]
[P13]Oscillating Ceramic Fan Heater|$34.99[P13]
[P14]7 Fin Oil Column Heater|$49.99[P14]
[P15]Australian Wool Quilt|From $69.99[P15]
[P16]Flannelette Fitted Sheet Set – Single Size|$19.99 set[P16]
[P17]Fleece Blanket – Single Size|$12.99 ea[P17]
[P18]Fleece Blanket – Queen Size|$19.99 ea[P18]
[P19]Flannelette Fitted Sheet Set Queen Size Or King Size|From $49.99 set[P19]
[P20]Wool Blend Pillow|$16.99[P20]
[P21]Australian Wool Underblanket Queen Size Or King Size|From $79.99[P21]
[P22]Semolina 1kg|$2.99[P22]
[P23]Green And Kalamata Pitted Olives 1.6kg|$11.99[P23]
[P24]Dolmades Or Giant Beans In Tomato Sauce 280g|$2.29 ea[P24]
[P25]I Love Greece 4-In-1 Seasonal Dispensers 131g/154g|$2.99 ea[P25]
[P26]Almond Cookies 300g|$5.49[P26]
[P27]Souvlaki Kit 400g|$3.99[P27]
[P28]Halva 400g|$3.99[P28]
[P29]Large Spit Roaster|$199[P29]
[P30]Vertical Grill|$79.99[P30]
[P31]BBQ Digital Temperature Fork|$13.99[P31]
[P32]350L Storage Box|$69.99[P32]
[P33]Rattan Effect Planter|$14.99 ea[P33]
[P34]Fire Lighters 36pk|$1.99[P34]
[P35]Outdoor Firepit|$89.99[P35]
[P36]Artificial Trees|$29.99 ea[P36]
[P37]Teacup Planter|$14.99 ea[P37]
[P38]Pruning Saw 12V|$79.99 ea[P38]
[P39]Solar Meerkat Figurines|$14.99 ea[P39]
[P40]African Violets Or Ferns 100mm|$4.99 ea[P40]
[P41]Indoor Plants 175mm|$9.99 ea[P41]
[P42]Sherpa Lined Clogs|$6.99 pr[P42]
[P43]Men’s Hi-Vis Work Shirt – Short Sleeve|$14.99[P43]
[P44]Men’s Hi-Vis Work Shirt – Long Sleeve|$16.99[P44]
[P45]Men’s Hi-Vis Hoodie|$18.99[P45]
[P46]Men’s Cargo Work Shorts|$14.99[P46]
[P47]Men’s Cargo Work Shorts|$14.99[P47]
[P48]Men’s Cargo Work Pants|$16.99[P48]
[P49]Men’s Hi-Vis Work Shirt – Long Sleeve|$16.99[P49]
[P50]Men’s Cargo Work Pants|$16.99[P50]
[P51]Men’s Hi-Vis Jacket|$36.99[P51]
[P52]Men’s Cargo Work Pants|$16.99[P52]
[P53]Men’s Hi-Vis Polo – Long Sleeve|$8.99[P53]
[P54]Men’s Cargo Work Pants|$16.99[P54]
[P55]Men’s Hi-Vis Polo – Short Sleeve|$6.99[P55]
[P56]Men’s Cargo Work Shorts|$14.99[P56]
[P57]Heavy Duty Belts|$9.99 ea[P57]
[P58]Work Boots|$27.99 pr[P58]
[P59]Air Hose Reel 10m|$49.99[P59]
[P60]Air Nailer|$29.99 ea[P60]
[P61]Air Stapler|$29.99 ea[P61]
[P62]Air Wrenches|$24.99 ea[P62]
[P63]Air Wrenches|$24.99 ea[P63]
[P64]Air Spray Guns|$24.99 ea[P64]
[P65]Air Inflator Kit|$19.99 kit[P65]
[P66]Air Sander|$39.99[P66]
[P67]Air Die Grinder|$19.99[P67]
[P68]Air Cut Off Tool|$19.99[P68]
[P69]Heavy Duty Shelf|$49.99 ea[P69]
[P70]Ratchet And Socket Sets|$24.99 set[P70]
[P71]Adhesive Tape 50mm x 50m|$4.99[P71]
[P72]Small Parts Accessory Kits|$4.99 kit[P72]
[P73]Assorted Tools|$4.99 ea[P73]
[P74]Spirit Level Assortment|$16.99 ea[P74]
[P75]Tool Set 18pc|$24.99[P75]
[P76]Wall Anchor And Tool Sets|$14.99 set[P76]
[P77]Combination Wrench Set 25pc|$49.99[P77]
[P78]Confidence Toilet Tissue 2Ply 12pk|$3.49[P78]
[P79]Mamia Extra Thick And Soft Scented Or Fragrance Free Baby Wipes 240pk|$7.99[P79]
[P80]Mamia Supafit Premium Nappies 44pk-60pk|$10.99 pk[P80]
[P81]Mamia Supafit Premium Nappy New Born 28pk|$4.65[P81]
[P82]Mamia Baby Wipes 80pk|$1.99[P82]
[P83]Mamia Step 3 Baby Formula Toddler 900g|$11.99[P83]
[P84]Just Organic Soy Milk 1L|$1.69[P84]
[P85]Just Organic Pure Australian Honey 500g|$5.99[P85]
[P86]Just Organic Butter Salted 250g|$3.29[P86]
[P87]Just Organic Yogurt 1kg|$5.49 ea[P87]
[P88]Just Organic Ground Coffee 250g|$4.69[P88]
[P89]Just Organic Yogurt 70g|$1.19 ea[P89]
[P90]Just Organic Tea Bags 50pk|$1.99 ea[P90]
[P91]Just Organic Pasta 500g|$1.59 ea[P91]
[P92]Just Organic Pasta Sauce 500g|$2.59 ea[P92]
[P93]Just Organic Tomato Paste 140g|$0.99[P93]
[P94]Just Organic Italian Diced Tomatoes 400g|$0.99[P94]
[P95]Just Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 300g|$4.99[P95]
[P96]Just Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml|$4.69[P96]
[P97]Just Organic Firm Tofu 450g|$2.99[P97]
[P98]Just Organic Fair Trade Chocolate Blocks 100g|$2.49 ea[P98]
[P99]Just Organic Raisins 375g|$2.99[P99]
[P100]Mamia Baby Vegie Puree 120g|$1.39 ea[P100]
[P101]Killarnee Australian MSA Lamb Shanks|$9.99 per kg[P101]
[P102]Killarnee Australian MSA Lamb Loin Chops Per Kg|$16.99 per kg[P102]
[P103]Killarnee Australian MSA Lamb BBQ Chops Per Kg|$10.99 per kg[P103]
[P104]Braised Lamb Shanks|unspecified[P104]
[P105]Pasta With Creamy Mushroom And Bacon Sauce|unspecified[P105]
[P106]Luv-A-Duck Fresh Duck Breast Fillets 2pk/360g|$10.99[P106]
[P107]Broad Oak Farms Chicken Breast Steaks 4pk/Per Kg|$13.99[P107]
[P108]Ironbark Boneless Pork Shoulder Roast Per Kg|$7.99 per kg[P108]
[P109]Australian Lamb Rack|$20.99 per kg[P109]
[P110]Australian Imperial Mandarins|$2.99[P110]
[P111]Berg Short Cut Bacon 1kg|$9.99[P111]
[P112]Goldenvale Wheat Biscuits 1.12kg|$2.99[P112]
[P113]Cowbelle Shredded Cheese 700g|$5[P113]

Check pg 10-11 for the professional tools and solid work wear products like heavy duty belts, work boots etc. If you need a perfect result with your DIY project at the end there are few conditions you need to settle. First of this is planning obviously. With a good project plan there is little chance you’ll fail. However, that isn’t perfectly meeting the requirement. A well calibrated, high quality and stable tool range is what you need as a second condition. These may cost a little much sometimes. If you are lucky enough to find a deal from stores like ALDI Catalogue. WorkZone is one of the leading brands in the industry. Workzone tools have been very popular at all ALDI stores and I got very nice feedback from visitors here. They always compliment these tools but they are flawless almost at all times. Give it a try and save with ALDI doing this.


HEATERS for winter that may be sufficient for a room or two. These are of course not for general heating but they may provide you a local warm place in any part of your house. Few options are available with nice and classy looks. If you are ready to pay little more for flame effect you got one on pg 2 for only $129. But there are few cheaper like Ceramic fan heater or 7 fin oil column heater. The cheapest one here is Oscillating ceramic fan heater priced $34.99

BEDROOM COMFORT is the reason you could be happy after long working hours. Check out quilts, sheet sets, pillows and variety of sizes. 100% Australian wool make your sleep uninterrupted. Here the prices of ALDI pops up. The difference between regular sales and ALDI Catalogue Special Buys is right on the pg 4-5. You don’t have to think too much about these.

GREEK food is a new special sale at ALDI that can be a different taste for you. Actually these are popular food products in Europe and ALDI brings up these on the new catalogue. Check out olives, almond cookies, halva, tomato sauce and many more products. Even a large spit roaster is on sale on pg 6&7.


Redecorate your garden with few touches that you can get from ALDI Catalogue. Storage box, fire lighters and figurines of some animals are featured products. WORK WEAR and Work Zone tools are among the deals. As mentioned these are pro tools that will never dissappoint you in future. If you need storing for your tools check out pg 14-15.

Furthermore ALDI Groceries, organic products on sale and Australian lamb are the products on sale on pg 18-24. For more of grocery and special sales please check Coles, Woolworths, IGA Catalogues.

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