ALDI Special Buys Week 12 March 2015

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ALDI special buys week 12 are winter sleepwear products, seafood varieties, camping products, kitchenware and picnicware.

Moreover ALDI catalogue contains new ALDI groceries consisting of meat products, deli products.

ALDI sells a standard sleepwear items that will keep your body warm and very comfortable.
They are made of material to give the best sleeping during the whole night.
For non-stop sleeping to begin a day with a great stamina you can try these beautiful products.
Please go to pg; 1-5 for the whole range of sleepwear of ALDI Special buy week 12 catalogue.


Salmon fillet, cookware for various seafood and other essential products like garlic, chili etc.
You can also find Crofton knives, Lumina frypan to obtain the best taste of whatever you desire to cook.

  • Crofton Seafood Utensils and gadgets, $3.99 pg; 6
  • Gourmet flavoured mayonnaise, $3.99
  • Breadcrumbs, $1.99
  • Lumina skillet frypan, $19.99
  • Coolabah BBQ grill baskets, $9.99 pg; 7
  • Spanish Green olives stuffed, $1.99


In Saturday 21st March you can purchase great quality of the products to set your camp very well in any place you wish.
Sleeping bag, gas BBQ, other portable products which are extremely durable and priced at best prices.

  • Adventuridge 8 person tent, $149
  • Adventuridge hooded winter sleeping bag, $24.99
  • Coolabah pantera gas BBQ, $229
  • Queen Air mattress with built-in pump, $59.99

Additionally you can view new award winning products on pg; 16&17.
These products are sale everyday.

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