Bunnings Catalogue BBQ Deals 15 – 26 Jan 2020

Bunnings Catalogue BBQ Deals 15 - 26 Jan 2020View a new selection of BBQs, umbrellas, gazebos, fences, decking products, and outdoor living furniture for your garden. These products would be also good for your business if you have a BBQ restaurant or something. Many of them are professionally designed industrial items. I am sure you can achieve a great design in your place with these gazebos. For example, Cairo Gazebo which is viewable on pg 2. Cairo Gazebos are reflective of eastern culture. Surely, they are big. At Bunnings you can find a 3×4 m aluminium and steel framed Cairo Gazebo for $599. Even in winter or a rainy day, they can serve perfectly. Almost like a home roof in a beautiful corner of your backyard. If you don’t need something that big, there are still alternatives like umbrellas. A low-price umbrella from Bunnings would be that of the Marquee which will cost only $29. UPF 50+ polyester, 2.5m round market umbrella is a sufficient product to cover one or two seating spots. Bunnings Catalogue BBQ deals are also available on pg 2. But they are not the only things to find. Accessories like spatula & tong set, hooded BBQ, chargriller, and tips by Bunnings for how to cook your meat properly are on that page.

Bunnings Catalogue BBQ Deals:

For gardening products go to pg 3. Lawnmowers, trimmers, pruners, safety products, and plants are available on pg 3-4. Take care of your garden when the seasonal change is here. Watering products and fertilisers might be needed. Tools like sprayers, insect killers, weed killers, and more might be useful to make your garden a beautiful place.

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