Bunnings Catalogue Hoses Jan 2020

Bunnings Catalogue Hoses Jan 2020It may be really easy to choose the cheapest one in the garden hoses because most of them look like the same. But you should also consider durability. If your hose is gonna tear up after 6 months, it’s a waste of money. Garden hoses should last for 10 years. Why waste your money and buy 2-3 hoses a year? Buy a decent quality product and get rid of the problem entirely. Bunnings Catalogue Hoses can be a quite satisfying range of products for you if you are looking for deals.


You should firstly consider the length of a garden hose. Depending on your need, choose the appropriate length and don’t think longer is an ultimate solution because as youı go with a longer choice, it’ll firstly cost more and secondly, it’ll be heavier occupying more space at your place.

The diameter of the hose:

The flow rate of the water depends on the diameter. If you have a small garden and just want to water some flowers, then buy half an inch hose in diameter.

What is the Hose Made Of?

Rubber, vinyl, reinforced and more types of hoses exist. It’s said that the rubber is the best for the hose. The strongest and durable material. Also, when you want to use hot water, it won’t be damaging to the rubber.

Also, mind the flexibility, couplings, and type of the garden hose you intend to buy. If you had plans to shop for some gardening products, Bunnings Catalogue can help you with that. Garden hoses, hose reels, and more are viewable on pg 5.

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