Bunnings Catalogue Mother’s Day Gifts May 2019

Why not buy mom a powerful lawn mower so she can do the gardening more conveniently? Bunnings Catalogue shows the special prices of power tools and plants for gardening in May 2019. You have a gift guide on pg 8-9. Also, the price guarantee makes this gift shopping easier than it’s ever been. Bunnings also advise on greenery products. Find beautiful plants and chemicals or potting mixes to feed them. That includes indoor plants as well. I am sure you will find something interesting on pg 2 because there is a wide range of them. Go to pg 3 for even more of these. But pots are also available there. They look good, are priced at a lower number and gardening items like hoses may also be interesting as a gift. These are not cute gifts but they are the essentials that every garden owner needs. For example, tap timer, garden hose, hose cart, reel combo, and more useful things are the items to make a backyard owner smile.
If your mother has a garden and lawn, help her keep it beautiful all the seasons. You can do that by buying a nice lawnmower or trimmer kit at Bunnings. Top brands like AEG, Ryobi, Makita, Ozito, Victa, and more brands are available in this category.

Check out these products on the catalogue. You can see many more like these in the Bunnings Catalogue May 2019.

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