Coles and Woolworths Christmas Specials Dec 2022

Coles and Woolworths Christmas Specials Dec 2022 promises hundreds of quality and fresh foods for this special day! It is possible to reach many popular selection for the Christmas. One of the most popular products is ham. You can find it on both catalogues.Coles and Woolworths Christmas Specials Dec 2022

Make it a safe and happy Christmas with Woolworths and Coles! Fruit & veg, meat & seafood, bakery, deli, health & beauty, household, and much more are featured on these two good Christmas Catalogues. If you are looking for a good last-minute gift for the Christmas, you can find in Woolworth Stores or Coles Stores. However, you should focus on Christmas classics such as leg ham, turkey, and prawns.

Coles Christmas Catalogue This Week

Yes, Coles offered dozens of Christmas foods. They also shared some delicious and good-looking recipes such as no bake chocolate rum ball cheesecake, Black Forest banana bread and much more. You should check out these recipes and cook them. Also, all you need for these delicious selections are available on this Coles Catalogue. You can get them at pretty fair prices.

Also, if you are looking for a gift, Coles also brings you something. Chocolates, candies, socks, mugs, gift cards, and much more are on sale with pretty good discounts. You can give the perfect gift for everyone. Especially, you should focus on gift cards. There are 50 different gift cards in store. For example; Amazon, Netflix, GooglePlay, eBay, IKEA, and much more!

Low Prices on Christmas Specials at Coles!

  • Coles Beechwood Smoked Half Leg Ham, $8.50 kg.
  • KB’s Thawed West Australian MSC Rock Lobster, $22 ea.
  • Australian Raspberries 125g Punnet, $3.50 pk.
  • Cadbury Favourites 570g, $10 ea.
  • Doritos Corn Chips 150g-170g, $2.50
  • Cadbury Roses Boxed Chocolate 450g, $8
  • Coles Australian No Added Hormones Beef Scotch Steak, $11
  • Coles Fresh Australian Cooked Black Tiger Prawns, $29 kg.
  • Olina’s Artisan or Simply Seed Crackers 80-100g, $3
  • Coles Beachwood Smoked Picnic Ham, $9 ea.
  • Mersey Valley, South Cape or Tasmanian Heritage Little Cheese, 3 for $12
  • Obela Garnished Hommus 220g or Red Rock Dell Dip, 2 for $8
  • South Cape Cheese Platter 435g, $17 ea.

Half-Prices on Christmas Gifts

  • Lindt Lindor Chocolate Gift Box 235g, $10 ea.
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Gift Box 220g, $6
  • Cadbury Roses Tin 669g, $15.
  • Toblerone 360g, $6 ea.
  • Ferrero Rocher 30 Pack 375g or Collection Chocolate Gift Box, $13
  • Nestle Quality Street Tub 629g, $12
  • Frozen Glass & Go Lip Gloss in Case, $12
  • Licensed Can Cooler or Socks, $6 ea.
  • Cadbury Gift Pouch 120g, $4.50
  • Licensed Mug, $6 ea.
  • Darth Vader or Harry Potter T-Shirt, $16
  • Frozen or Spiderman Fizz & Scrub, $14
  • Frozen or Marvel 2 in 1 Body Wash & Bubble Bath, $9

Woolworths Christmas Catalogue This WeekColes and Woolworths Christmas Specials Dec 2022

Get ready for the Christmas with super fresh and quality products of Woolworths! Many prices of classic and popular Christmas foods have dropped now! Also, savings up to 20% on many beverages can be browsable on this Woolworths Catalogue! You should check these discounted products and enjoy shopping!

In addition, you can also find something for a good Christmas gifts in Woolworths stores. Moreover, savings up to 50% are waiting for you here! Gifts to make them feel their best! Let’s take a look at these pretty good selections!

Low Prices on Christmas Foods at Woolworths

  • Fresh Medium Cooked Australian Tiger Prawns, $29
  • Quality Street Tub, $12
  • Australian Cherries, $15 kg.
  • Woolworths Large Pavlava Serves 12, $5.40
  • Woolworths Half Leg Ham, $8.50
  • Thawed Cooked WA Rocklobster, $22
  • Australian Rasbberries 125g Punnet, $3.50
  • Woolworths Australian Roasted and Salted Pistachios, $9
  • Tasmanian Heritage Brie or Camembert 250g, $9.90
  • Fresh Australian Pacific Oysters, $21
  • MasterFoods Seafood Cocktail Sauce 260g, $1.90
  • Fresh Australian Cooked Crystal Bay Banana Prawns, $29

Woolworths Gift Guide for Christmas

  • Galiant Society Bubble Bath Cracker 300ml, $3
  • Baylis & Harding Signature Men’s Black Pepper & Ginseng Wash Bag, $15
  • Woolworths Cosmetic Case, $24
  • Colour Academy Kids Unicorn Beauty Case, $18
  • Jack the Barber Multi Razor System Gold, $15
  • Nickeloeon Soap & Scrub Set Pow Patrol Gift Set, $15
  • Disney Spinning Bath Bomb Frozen, $7
  • Marvel Superhero 7 Fun Bath Bomb, $15

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