Coles Catalogue Back To School 24 – 30 Jul 2019 | Grocery Deals

Grocery sale of Coles is an integration involving the back to school foods such as breakfast cereals and healthy nutrition bars. Products like Uncle Tobys chewy choc chip, Carman’s gourmet porridge sachets, Nice & Natural nut bars, roll-ups, weet-bix, and more. People like to spend on these products and Coles Catalogue shows some good prices and savings on pg 2-3. Back to School sale is dairy range on pg 6-7. Have some probiotic-rich food and tasty cheese blocks for a good price at Coles. Bega tasty cheese block will cost $4. Probiotics are good for your gut. They eliminate the harmful bacteria that feed on sugary things which modern-day folks eat a lot during a day. Try to increase probiotic intake and see what it’ll have a positive impact on your digestive system, too. Activia low-fat yoghurt is your thing to buy for $3 on Wednesday. Shop two half-price deals on the same page.

Browse the pantry, grocery and breakfast items for Coles half-price deals:

Remember that some of these deals are participating in the Little Shop 2 minis limited edition case deal.

Coles Beverage Deals

If you like to stock up soda packs and keep them in your fridge, browse the latest Coles Catalogue for deals like V Energy drink, Schweppes, Gatorade, and more popular brands of the refreshment. Buying some of these at half prices will be a profitable trade. Coles offers some snacks like Pringles, too. Classic tastes like sour cream and original chips of the brand will cost half on Wednesday.

Pantry, Coffee, Fridge, Deli, and Bakery

Explore the deals like Campbell’s real stock, Leggo’s pesto, San Remo pasta, and more pantry products in the pantry sale. You can learn a recipe and save on your weekly stocks including olive oil. Moro El Primero extra virgin olive oil of 1L will cost $9. The recipe of chicken ramen is on pg 12. Also, the main ingredient of that recipe is on sale. Win Little Shop 2 limited edition complete case with half-price products. Leggo’s pesto and pasta sauce are both half-price deals.

If you are looking for a deal on flavoured milk, yoghurt or variety of cheese, you might want to check fridge range of Coles. Chobani Flip is one of the Little Shop 2 products and it’s $2 for a 140g pack. Deli products are Flora Proactiv spread, butter tub, cocktail Frankfurt, and more. Visit pg 21 for the everyday price of high-fiber low-GI rolls. This is so important in carbs. Try to switch your diet to high fiber things for they keep you full for a long time.

Fresh Produce, Meat, and Frozen Food

In-season cauliflowers and deals on fruits are on Coles Catalogue fruit sale. Buy something from the meat dept. or seafood dept. for your dinner ideas. You can learn new recipes and I am sure you can find ingredients at places like Coles.

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