Coles Catalogue Half-Price Deals 16 – 22 May 2018


This preview is that of Coles Catalogue 16 – 22 May 2018 and it features a lot of the new half-price products. Starting from pg 1-3 you will realise that some popular pantry products and snacks are in fact being sold at half the regular prices this week at Coles. Also, 5000 return flights will be shared with flybuys entries you receive for every $50 spent in the store. Read this post about Coles Catalogue Half-Price Deals 16 – 22 May for more information.

Down Down deal is another thing which features the products that have been consistently dropping since given date. Look for everyday and down down marks on products for a good price drop. Mars chocolates, Snickers, Smith’s chips will be at half prices. Go to pg 8 for a Coles special that will be for Nestle Kit Kat Chunky which is a new product. It will be $1 for now but this catalogue is one week long so I think you had better hurry about something you want to buy since it can raise the price in future.

Moreover, there is a good selection of canned food products on pg 13. Edgell sliced beetroot, creamed corn, four bean mix, red kidney beans and more products are going to be down down deals. Also, Masterchef chosen supermarket Coles sells nice meat products. Visit pg 16-17 for an exclusively good range of price. Chicken, sausage, beef scotch fillet, beef meatballs and more will be on sale there.

½ prices:


Dairy products that will be sold at half prices can also be interesting for many of customers. Down Down bakery loaf will be $1.80, Oak flavoured milk will be $2.35. Dare flavoured milk, dairy farmers thick and creamy yoghurt, the juice lab pressed juice and more products are featured deals.

YoPro by Danone is a high protein yoghurt and it will cost half this week. Devondale’s spectacular selection of cheese is an everyday deal on pg 24-25. These two pages are a source of everyday deals and you can always check them out. Today, all the deals on Coles products will be viewable in this preview.

½ prices:

Quick food ideas:

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