IGA Christmas Ham 22 – 28 Nov 2023

IGA sells half or whole IGA leg ham for only $8 per kg. this week. That is one of the most competitive prices for Christmas ham made of Australian pork. Check out the new half-price deals on Christmas products. Candies, confectionery, drinks, and many others are gonna cost half. Buy Cadbury Chocolate coated nuts or fruits for only $5. Save half on snacks and beverage. Prepare for the gatherings and parties that will take place at your house. If you are looking for more ham deals, check out IGA Christmas Ham 22 – 28 Nov 2023 sale:

  • Australian half or whole IGA leg ham $8 per kg
  • KRC Champagne Ham 600g $15.80
  • Primo Double Smoked Ham 800g $19 kg
  • IGA Picnic Shoulder Ham $11 kg
  • Australian Half or Whole IGA Leg Ham $8 per kg

IGA Christmas Ham 22 - 28 Nov 2023

But there is more to this catalogue. You can see a lot of good deals on fresh meat. One of them is beef rump steak which will be only $18 per kg. Roast Beef, sliced or shaved leg ham, and many more items are featured offers.

Worth to see Christmas confectionery in the IGA Catalogue 22 – 28 Nov 2023:

  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Gift Box $6
  • Cadbury Chocolate Roses 225g $6
  • Cadbury North Pole Advent Calendar 90g $3.50
  • Toblerone Chocolate 360 g $8
  • Maltesers Gift Box 360-400g $7

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