IGA Catalogue Sale 11 - 17 Jan 2023

IGA Catalogue
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The new half-price deals from IGA Catalogue 11 - 17 Jan 2023 can be really helpful if you want to save half on some grocery items. The essential needs of every household are available in the new catalogue. IGA offers new prices for medium grain rice, Nescafé coffee sachets, and more items. Back to School sale is here, too. IGA has a new school lunch and breakfast sale. Roll-ups, Nestlé milo, Smith's, and more products. Buy some meat for your dinner meal. Refill your kitchen pantry cabinet. Reese's, Hershey's, French Fries, and more products are gonna be half-price deals. Low Prices Everyday. Don't forget to see products of Jarlsberg, Rexona anti-perspirant, and more items.