Latest Bunnings Catalogue Categories Spring - Summer

Latest Bunnings Catalogue Categories Spring power tools, hand tools, gardening products that are the descent needs like watering, mixes, potting products, special good looking pots, extraordinary product selection and high quality hand tools. These are products made of high quality materials which will feel the extreme comfort while doing your regular job. Besides the lowest price range for these products are featured on the catalogue will allow you to shop online comfortably.


  • PLANTS including potted color, petunia hotwave, booma bloomers, herb pack, tomato, vegetable seedlings, blueberry, lavender PG 2
  • CHEMICALS and potting mixes, lawn seed, fertilisers, insect killers, garden sprayer, high pressure sprayers PG 4
  • WATERING products featuring tubes, garden hoses, jet power washers, galvanised watering can, hose reel, metal partner sprinkler PG 6
  • POT variety like plastic pots and other garden products like letterboxes, vertical garden, watering pots PG 7
  • FLOORING products and panels, screening, shed products. See new prices of double garages, root single carport, play tunnels PG 8
  • HAND TOOLS for gardening. That includes shears, pruner, tree lopper, garden tools like trowel, fork, weeder, Ozito collection cart PG 11
  • LAWN MOWER kits, chargers, electrical products to improve the daily care of your garden cleaning and many more products related PG 12
  • BBQ varieties from top brands like Matador 4 burner hooded and portable BBQ, and other brands are available ON PG 13
  • PATIO FURNITURE offers are setting, Bistro setting, lounge setting, wicker settings and similar old fashioned school PG 14
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