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You can see the latest shoppable Lenovo Catalogue here. Shop computers, electronics, TVs, phones, electronic accessories, and numerous more products. Lenovo Catalogues can be a really good guide for buying computers for your office and home. We review the sales of this brand that has the approval of millions of users all around the world. Check out current deals online:


If you are interested in buying your electronics at cheaper prices, important sales during the year are must-see deals for you. Lenovo is one of the retailers that have an EOFY sale. It may also offer great deals during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weeks. December and Christmas are also good times to shop at lower costs of electronics. It’s possible to buy workstations, gaming computers, and office computers like Thinkpad or Think Centre. ideapad and Yoga are also two popular computers of the brand. Motorola Razr, which brings back the flip phone culture, is also being retailed by Lenovo now. Other than these, Lenovo offers business services like data center solutions, applications, smart home electronics, AR & VR. They have LenovoPRO and Lenovo Education Store that can help you catch up with the modern world.

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Top 10 EOFY Deals - Office and Warehouse Products

Bunnings finally published another catalogue after a long time. This time, they have an "End of the Financial Year" sale. Professionals, small business bosses, and more people who want to improve their offices or workplaces seek ways to buy professional products at lower deals and deduct the costs in these EOFY Catalogues. Currently, Lenovo catalogue, Bunnings warehouse EOFY sale, Officeworks and Total tools catalogue can be useful. Among all of the deals, there are some products we can't skip. They are the top 10 deals from these EOFY sales. If you have a business or are a self-employed boss, you might want to look for a good deal in these catalogues.  For example, some products of Lenovo are 50% cheaper now. They are the latest tech computers and other electronic essentials. Below you can see Top 10 EOFY Deals from all these catalogues or online sales. These are the catalogues: Lenovo, Total Tools, Bunnings, and Officeworks.

Thinkpad is a very popular laptop. This one is a 15.6" laptop and you can buy it for half price on Lenovo's site.

If you are looking for even thinner laptops, check out this one.

Need some monitors for the employees? This one is a standard, slim, and reliable monitor that any office work can be suitable for.

From the EOFYThing sale of Officeworks Catalogue. Working standing from time to time is healthier. This desk is for both standing and sitting.

If you have a sales department, you probably need equal amount of phones to the number of your sales staff. Oppo is getting more popular and they make decent phones. Below $240 is a good price for a smartphone.

This is a limited stock offer and the reason is that the deal is so good. With the recent Coronavirus stimulus you can deduct up to $150.000 with these products. The deals of Total Tools Catalogue will be valid until 30th Jun.

Save hundreds of dollars on power tools at Total Tools. You can get free products as bonus for your purchases.

There are also exclusive deals in the catalogue of Total Tools EOFY Sale.

I think the best deal of Bunnings is this offer. You'll always know that you purchase the product for the best possible price.

One of the essentials at only $229 on Bunnings Catalogue.

A complete set for professional folks or DIY enthusiasts.

These are the top 10 EOFY deals but there are many more great deals in the catalogues. Share us your opinions or better deals on the comment section.

Lenovo EOFY Sale 2020 | 5 Jun - 2 Jul

One of the best EOFY sales. The latest tech laptops, monitors, data centre, tablets, and electronic accessories are on sale. Lenovo EOFY Sale 2020 Catalogue is currently available. Go to the catalogue to start shopping. The best thing Lenovo makes is surely the computers. They have innovative, light design. Their laptops operate on a decent cooling system. With the Lenovo Catalogue here, you can save up to 50% off. You can buy a laptop starting from $439 with EOFY sale. Ideapad, Yoga, Y series gaming laptops, Thinkpad are all in the catalogue.

Deciding which computer to buy and setting the specs entirely depend on your purpose. Some people are very mobile, they need decent performance with a thin design. Some are gamers and they don't care about the design. Just give them the best graphic card and a good cooling system. Professionals who work on the design, 3D animation, and rendering might require both. A good computer brand must meet all these needs. Lenovo is one of them. Below you can find the top deals on popular computers of Lenovo EOFY Sale 2020:

In this sale, there are also ready-to-ship products. Quick shipping products can be found on the page of ships-in-2-day. EOFY sale also covers AMD products, servers, mobile workstations, and more. If you want to keep receiving similar deals, you can subscribe to the newsletter.