Repco Stocktake Sale Jan 2023

Take care of your car properly with Repco Stocktake Sale Jan 2023! In addition to servicing your car, you can do a lot yourself to prolong its life. In fact, good car maintenance is not at all complicated and does not have to be expensive at all.Repco Stocktake Sale Jan 2023

The least important tip for caring for your car: get it serviced regularly. When servicing cars, we check air filters, coolant hoses, fuel lines, lamps, oil, water pump, and v-belts or chains around the engine.

Oils & Additives at Repco!

Clean oil helps extend the life of your vehicle. Use synthetic oil, change it and always make sure there is enough oil in it. Stick to a maintenance plan for your vehicle by performing minor maintenance on a regular basis. Many effective solutions for your car are available on Repco Weekly Catalogue. View their specials to save more!

Engine oil is an indispensable lubricant that lubricates the rotating parts of the combustion engine. Because a car uses oil, it’s important to check the oil level regularly. In the daily use of the vehicle, it is recommended to check the engine oil every two weeks. Various engine oils are available at Repco.

As soon as the engine of the car starts to work, it begins to warm up. To ensure that the internal combustion engine does not overheat, there is coolant in the cooling system. Too little or no fluid in the cooling system can have dire consequences. This can cause the engine to overheat. In the worst case, the head gasket could burst. This is a very expensive repair. Therefore, check the coolant level monthly. If the liquid needs to be added regularly, go to the workshop to be sure. The garage can then check the cooling system and repair it if necessary.

Reasonable Prices of the Week

  • Castrol Magnatec Top-Start SW-30 5L, $53 (Save $17)
  • Enviro+ GF-S SW-30 5L, $55 (Save $15)
  • Valvaline SynPower SW-30 5L, $56 (Save $16)
  • Shell Helix Ultra ECT X3 SW-30 5L, $69 (Save $23)
  • Repco 10W-40 5L, $35 (Save $10)
  • Shell Helix HX7 10W-40 5L, $45 (Save $13)
  • Nulon APEX 10W-40 High Performance 5L, $57 (Save $20)
  • Ventage 10W-40 5L, $59 (Save $21)
  • Castrol Magnatec Stop-Start 10W-30 5L, $46 (Save $16)
  • Nulon Apex+ 5W-30 Multi-23 dİESEL 10L, $99 (Save $40)

Save up to 40% on Oils & Additives at Repco!

There are various maintenance products available to keep your vehicle’s engine in good condition. Besides the cleanliness of your vehicle’s engine, the cleanliness of its parts is also important. That’s why we recommend regular lubrication. You can also find these products at the Repco Store. These oils extend the life of the engine and its components, clean the components and reduce the friction of moving parts.

The use of various additives and additives has only increased in recent years. They help solve or reduce problems. These can be found in the Repco Catalogue.

It is important to have your engine serviced regularly in order to prolong the life of your engine and prevent parts breakage. But with most products this doesn’t have to be difficult at all! Most products are ready for immediate use. Regular maintenance of your engine will keep it safe and extend the life of its components.

Regular use of these maintenance products keeps the engine in good condition and increases safety. It also extends the life of your engine and its parts. Most care products are simple to use and take very little time. Do you want to keep your car’s engine in top condition? Then take a look at Repco Specials.

You can also use different fluids to keep your tank clean, clean contaminated systems, and keep your brakes working properly. Repco for all!

This Week’s Specials at Repco

  • Century Repco 30 & 40 Month Warranty Batteries, 20% OFF!
  • Penrite Vantage 15w – 40 6L, $35 (SAVE 40%)
  • Repco 2000 kg Low Profile Trolley Jack, $199 (SAVE 30%)
  • Maxi Trac Steel Loading Ramps, $99 (SAVE 45%)
  • Car Care Accessories, 25% OFF!
  • Mechpro Blue 179 Piece Adventure Tool & Accessory Kit, $129 (Save 35%)
  • Straps, Nets, Tie Downs & Chocks, 20% OFF!
  • Repco Tow Pins, Townball Covers & D-Shackides, 20% OFF!
  • Repco Trailer Wheel Hub & Braking Maintenance, 25% off!

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