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A proper place for finding quality furniture, a good deal, lots of catalogue content, and more from one of the best retailers of Australia, Spotlight. Here you can find the latest Spotlight Catalogue and reviews about the deals.

This retailer usually has more than one catalogue at a time. Some catalogues are long-term deals. They might have a 1-2 year validity for the deals. Spotlight has a VIP service that is a kind of membership for better discounts. You can join this service for free. Become a member and never miss out on the VIP catalogue content as well. Moreover, find a cheaper price of a product advertised on an Australian retailer which is not an online-only platform. Their claim is that they beat the lower price by 10%. In fact, many retailers offer such an advantage nowadays. It’s very safe to shop at this type of retailer who provides the guaranteed lowest prices.

Shop bedroom, bathroom, furniture, kitchenware, major and small appliances, curtains, and many more categories in the range of Spotlight and its online catalogues. You can always check out this page or alternatively follow our Facebook page for updates on this category and others.

Before you go shopping anything for the home, try to see the Spotlight sale catalogue and make sure you have the best price.


Where can I see a Spotlight Sale?

Here, you can browse the top deals of Spotlight Sale in the latest Spotlight catalogue.

Do they have a clearance sale at Spotlight?

Its name is not the clearance online but the catalogue prices are so good, it's the closest thing to a Spotlight clearance sale.

What Does Spotlight Sell?

They have mostly home products. But there are some specific catalogues like sewing, yarn, bedding, and stuff like that. If you like buy a fabric to make your own clothes, or if you have plans to change your curtains or blinds, this is the store you need to see.

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Spotlight Catalogue 11 - 29 May 2022

Save half on bedroom and home products with Spotlight Catalogue 11 - 29 May 2022. Blockout curtains, quilt cover sets, and more things that will improve the comfort of your bedroom and improve the value of your house are all available in the new catalogue. Also, this catalogue is huge compared to regular ones. It has 48 pages and evey page has something cheaper than a regular week. Moreover, the deals will be here until 29 May. It really is a plentiful month for all customers. In a range of b Read More...


Spotlight Catalogue 5 - 10 May 2022

Check out the new Spotlight Catalogue that has the deals which will be valid on 5 - 10 May 2022. Renew some things in your house, especially the bedroom products. Quilts, pillows, towels, and many more items are available in the new catalogue. Spotlight has similar deals every week. A major sale this week is for sewing products. Save half on sewing machine and overlocker. Bargain Buys will be valid for 6 days only. Buy eyelet curtains, roller blinds, and more products for your house.

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Spotlight Catalogue Bedroom 23 - 29 Feb, 2020 | February Frenzy

Spotlight Catalogue Bedroom Sale Feb 23 - 29, 2020To be honest, there is not a single formula that works for everyone when it comes to bedrooms. Some like their sleep in a hot environment and they buy really thick quilts and I also know people who just open their window in the middle of the winter and sleep like that. I just like a regular climate in my room. Just around 25C° is good for me. In the Spotlight Catalogue, one can find a proper product range for their taste of bedroom style. Even on the first page, the entire page is about bedroom style. Buy Ombre Home Boho Bloom Camilla quilt cover set for various prices on the first page. SB set will cost $15. QB is $19. And more products are also on the list. Go to pg 2-3 for more types of quilts. A more important piece for your bed is a sheet set than a quilt. Buy 250 thread count individual fitted sheets 40% off. You have also mattress protectors, wool quilts, towels, and more in the catalogue.

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Spotlight Home Clearance 3 - 19 Jan 2020

Spotlight Home Clearance 3 - 19 Jan 2020Shop some essentials for your bedroom at Spotlight stores this week. The new Spotlight Catalogue has some good deals on bedding products like quilt covers, sheet sets, cushions, and similar items. Buy Koo Oliver chunky waffle quilt cover set for $49. Moreover, you have more home products like rugs, pillowcases, pillows, towels, and other elements of comfort. Spotlight has always been a place to find a massive deal on a particular group of products. They also design their catalogues for that purpose. Spotlight Catalogues are published in different versions and each focuses on a category. This one here contains only New Year's clear out sale which covers such bedding products and related items. Spotlight Home Clearance 3 - 19 Jan is just one of the alternative sources when you want to shop home products.

You can also find some products for kids' bedroom style. Summer blankets, quilt cover sets, mattress protector, mattress topper, and many more deals. Don't forget to check out this catalogue or similar ones if you are about to buy some home products this week.

Find the deals on beach towels, bath mats, tote bags, etc. on pg 6. Check out 50% off deals there to save. Shop efficiently, making a profit out of the deals. Spotlight Home Clearance 3 - 19 Jan 2020 sale apparently will have an impact on some people's decisions when they will shop for their home.

Spotlight Catalogue Boxing Day 2019 | The Biggest Sale

Spotlight promotes this 8-page catalogue as the biggest sale ever on the catalogue page. Spotlight Catalogue Boxing Day deals might be interesting for those who are interested in home decor, home improvement products, bedroom and bedding products, furniture, dresses and sewing, party supplies for the new year, craft & yarn deals, and more. Check out some half-price deals and even better deals than them on the first page of the Spotlight Catalogue.

In the new year, you might want to replace your old stuff that covers your floors. In such case, I recommend you to check out pg 2 of this catalogue until 2 Jan. That's because Harrow, Astral & Ariel shaggy rugs are $79.

The set of bedroom products may make your entire house poor or rich, classic or modern, unkempt or tidy, and they have this impact since it's like a centre part of your entire house. It's where you sleep and live 1/3 of your life. Very important if you ask me. With that said, you don't need to spend a fortune on the stuff you put there. Just wait for the good deals to buy your favourite sheets, quilts, Manchester or pillows.