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Car care products, spare parts, tools, electronics like GPS and much more categories can be seen in Supercheap Auto Catalogue. You can browse the latest Supercheap Auto Catalogue on this page. They offer free shipping on more than 500.000 products and free returns. Alternatively, you can order online to pick your stuff at the store. In catalogues of Supercheap Auto customers seek for the best deals of the week or the month. Cars are sensitive machines and we all must be careful about their maintenance. Sometimes, we need to take quick action to avoid worse scenarios. So, essential products like oil or tire changing equipment can be necessary to have around. Have some repair tools in your car trunk and never get a huge problem that will be permanent afterward. Caution is the keyword when you are preparing your equipment for your car.

Here we discuss the latest discounts and deals from Supercheap Auto Catalogues. You can also specifically ask for the catalogue to get them in your e-mail. The store also offers services like vehicle diagnostics, windscreen services, mechanic finder etc. The store has a wide range of spare parts, too. Electrical part and painting of your car can also be the subjects of the new catalogue.

See these catalogues for Fathers days because there might be a really good gift for the dad who loves his car. Christmas, gift ideas, half prices, high-quality power, and hand tools are usually on sale. Make your vehicle shiny as it was on the day you bought with the support of Supercheap Auto.

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Supercheap Auto Catalogue Super Savings 24 Apr - 5 May

You still have 2 days to shop the car care products. Engine oils, degreaser, air compressor, tool cabinets, seat covers, floor mats, polishers, roof racks, gazebos, in-car media, batteries, dash cam, safety products, and many more categories about cars are available in the Supercheap Auto Catalogue. Browse a combination of good deals on the first page of the catalogue. Ridge Ryder deep dish rubber floor mats will be a half-price deal. Black Ridge 2.5HP direct drive air compressor combo is also a half-price discount and you'll only pay $294! If you are replacing your engine oil yourself or add some when you think your car has not enough, you might want to have your car's favourite engine oil. There is a variety of engine oils in the catalogue or in the online shop of Supercheap Auto, however, a great deal is on the first page. Pay only $36.29 for Castrol Edge Engine oil. That's a half-price deal! Many cars like this oil very much.
Moreover, Supercheap Auto Catalogue has also Mother's Day gift ideas new products.

Check out what Supercheap Auto Catalogue has for you:

Mother's Day gift ideas:

Car cleaning :

Supercheap Auto Catalogue Car Care Products 3 - 17 Apr 2019

View the latest deals on enamel aerosol paint, seat covers, washes, oils, and many more products are available on Supercheap Auto Catalogue. Find suitable prices of diesel engine oils on pg 4-5. Pay only $23.89 for Shell Helix HX3 engine oil to save $5. New products of car cleaning are the things to encounter in this catalogue. Turtle wax scratch repair, hybrid snow foam, and hybrid seal & shine are the new items on pg 3. Supercheap Auto exclusive products are possible to spot on pg 3. Buy Septone 400g acrylic aeresol & primers with a 25% discount.
The catalogue also shows the prices of motorcycle oils. Save 15-20% on oils that are viewable on pg 6. Buy pressure washers for tough places with a lot of discontents. You should browse pg 7 to see the latest discounts by Supercheap Auto.

Browse these deals on the catalogue:

If you have a garage where you work on some DIY projects, you might find tool storage products interesting. They are available on pg 8 and some good deals are available on that page. Find power tools, trolley, and more on pg 8.

Supercheap Auto Catalogue Deals 13 - 29 Mar 2019

You can browse car covers, 4x4 batteries, electrical products like digital media player and more from the road trip sale of Supercheap Auto Catalogue today. Save 20% on SCA Canvas seat covers. Buy Century batteries for 25% cheaper prices. Also, organizers like ToolPRO roller cabinets are on sale on Supercheap Auto Catalogue. This is a clearance of many products this week. Roof racks, bike holders, tyre inflators, and more accessories and car care products are on sale, too. Fork Mount bike holder is on clearance sale. Save 35% off that purchase. Multi-buy deal on quick fix tyre sealant is also a profitable discount. Save 25% on that item and more from the same range. Ridge Ryder premium awnings with different types and sizes is a 25% off deal.
If you like touring and do a lot of it, you might be interested in some of the products on pg 3. Caravan levelers, compressors and combo deals are available there.

You get a lot of deals on gazebos, butane stoves, fridge freezer that are the nice products for touring and many other purposes. Portable products are also very nice to have around when you go camping. For example, portable camping chairs are comfortable and practical tools to get relax anywhere. Moreover, the catalogue also has an electrical part where you can find marine batteries, solar blankets, solar kits, top brand Bluetooth media players, and more.

Dozens of more products for your vehicles and great discounts by Supercheap Auto are currently available. You can always subscribe to the newsletter to get the future catalogue deals.

Supercheap Auto Catalogue Garage Sale 20 Feb - 3 Mar 2019

Half price deals from the Supercheap Auto Catalogue garage sale covers high-quality, fun, top brand, garage products. Get your car care needs such as engine oils, oil filters, and more. Get your tools organized with a tool cabinet that will cost only half this week. Supercheap Auto sells many alternatives to these products. The half-price deal is also valid for Australia export wet look tyre shine, enamel paint, and more. Buy an air compressor combo of Black Ridge which on sale by 50% off deal. Save $285 on that product. If you need a media player for your car, you might want to see a deal like JVC Android Auto & Carplay 6.8" digital media player which is available on the first page. The catalogue has water pumps, wrench, paints of 90k colours and more on pg 4-5. See all the promotions and great deals. If you like to hang out in your garage doing the maintenance of your car, most things you might need are available with price drops at Supercheap Auto stores. The store also offers free services like free battery charging, vehicle health check and more. Ask stores for these services. There is also a Trade Direct for trade prices.

Buy products like garage creeper, engine stand, air compressors, steel loading ramps, socket sets and more for the prices shown on pg 8-9. Electrical and electronic products have also a great place in the catalogue. Check out hi-performance batteries, media players, navigations, speakers, dash cams on sale. 50% off clearance deal on Kenwood, Sony, Pioneer and more brands.

Some good deals from the catalogue: