Woolworths Catalogue Half-Price 16 – 22 May 2018


Woolworths Catalogue is one of the safest places in terms of savings. Therefore I would encourage anyone shop at Woolies for these good half-price deals. Explore the entire product range of the new one which exclusively has beautiful half-price and “low price always” price drops. Prices have been dropped for most of these products and you will be able to catch a good one with the use of this catalogue.

Woolies offers drinks and snacks including Schweppes, Pepsi Max, Coke, Red Bull and more on pg 6&7. Get Mars M&M’s, for only $5 and Cheezels of 300g pack for $4 with the deal of “prices dropped” and low price always deals are valid on Woolworths nut tubs, chocolate coated biscuits will be at cheaper prices. Half-price deal on Peckish white rice crackers! Pay only $1.10 for that.

Two new products will be on sale. Fuze tea ice tea varieties of 1L will cost $1.75 only. Another new product is Arnott’s Vita weat cracker chips that cost only $2.50 at Woolworths. Bega peanut butter is on sale. Save $1.50 on that product. Dropped down prices of Nescafe Blend 43 and Nestle Carnation creamy evaporated milk is a trend. Popular products that are on sale at Woolies are worth to see.

Pay only half for Le Snak tasty cheese and that is only $2.25! Have a look at the half price list from Woolworths Catalogue.

½ prices:

“Prices Dropped” for Kirks soft drinks, Lipton ice tea, Powerade and more that are viewable on pg 2-3. Visit pg 2-3 for deli products and packaged meals that you might find interesting. These are really good offers which can be major items in the lists. Magnum Classic ice cream is a saving of $2.50 and Halo Top ice cream is a new flavour item from the frozen sale.

You can find more half prices in the shelves of fridge that usually contain quick food products and dairy range. Ingham’s, Algida’s and more brands that are usually so popular at Woolworths stores can all be found in this particular sale.

Shop the products from Farmers Union Greek yoghurt, fresh food kids products, Vaalia Yoghurt, Dare Iced Coffee and similar items can make great food lists. Have a look at pg 16&17 for this kind of products. Join the freshfood kids at Woolworths stores. Learn about this event in Woolworths official site. Moreover, half-price deals on bakery and deli are also featured stuff.

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