Woolworths Catalogue Home Products 5 – 11 Jun 2019

This week’s Woolworths Catalogue grocery sale is great but there is also a non-food category in the end part. You can earn bonus points for purchasing gift cards. Buy Google Play, Good Food, and more gift cards that are equal to $30 or $50 on pg 24. Mobile offers are profitable deals, too. Optus $50 Starter SIM is gonna cost $20. That’s better than half price. Vodafone Big Night In offers are on the same page. Pay half for the Vodafone Smart E9 phone. Save $49.50 on that smartphone.
Woolies has household items like dishwashing liquid of Palmolive. Biozet Attack, Tuffy of Quilton, Glen 20, and more cleaning supplies are at half prices. Shop these products at Woolworth’s online catalogue:

Pet supplies are on sale at Woolworths starting on Wednesday. Shop cat and dog foods and treats with nice discounts. Save 30% off dog treats. Schmackos Strapz, Dentalife, Bow Wow, Vitapet, and more products are available in that aisle. See also these articles about the latest Woolworths Catalogue: