ALDI Catalogue 22 - 25 Feb 2023

ALDI Catalogue
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ALDI Catalogue 22 - 25 Feb 2023 offers delicious Easter buns, baby care and clothing, Easter eggs, popular brands of famous candies of Easter, novelty nets, and many more items. You can browse all the latest offers on nuts. Mixed nuts, cashews, walnuts are available in the new catalogue. Sunflower seeds, Food Craft Moroccan seasonings, Medjool Dates, San Remo Egg Pasta vermicelli, Saffron threads or powder are unique offers that this ALDI Catalogue can offer. You will find awesome deals on baby outfits. Find coveralls, singletsuits, sleeping bags, sleeping suits, and many more items. Baby to Toddler high chair, Melli baby feeding accessories, and more baby care items are also available in the new catalogue.