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Save the majority of your shopping budget with shopping at Aldi supermarket and find the best special buys catalogue on this display.

Enlarged product range to sell out their products is exhibited on this special place for you to reach the best product range ever.

Aldi Catalogue big sale clearance is available right now for you to discover the recently created product range.


Glassware and outdoor furniture are featured by the clearance offers.

Tea Towel, picnic ware, table ware and similar products can be purchased for the shown prices of the Aldi.

Aldi offers:

  • Dolmades or giant baked beans, $2.49
  • Crofton antipasto serving platters, $9.99
  • Spanish stuffed green olives, $6.49
  • Honey dipped figs, 250g, $2.99


If you like to see a good range of the products that would be needed in celebration of New Year's Eve you can visit pg; 10-11 of this catalogue.

There is special sauce range and various drinks you love.

Mission style corn chips, $2.49 Delites rice snacks, 100g, $1.49 Smith's cut chips, $5.49 Cascade mixers, $5.99


For better sound quality in your home while you are celebrating the new year using the best CDs of your collection you might visit Aldi's new entertainment section of this catalogue.

See pg; 12-13 for the new products featured by this catalogue.

Also lighting products can be found there.

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