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Foods are the most essential thing and nobody can survive without food. So, in every family there are several food items in their daily shopping menu. coles catalogue easter sale march 2015offers several exciting discount offers on the price of different kinds of food menu.

coles catalogue easter sale march 2015offers more than 30% discount on every food items. Here Coca Cola soft drinks at $1, John West Tuna Tempters Multi Pack 4x95g is available at $2.99, Cadbury Large Block Chocolate 270g-350g for $2.99, Vanish NapisanOxi Action Stain Remover 2kg is just for $8.17, Coles Grill RSPCA Approved Chicken Wings Honey Soy 1kg with $5.50 only.

All the food items are fresh and the food quality is always well maintained.

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