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Coles Catalogue February 2015 offers are ready for visitors online to view the latest best prices of the top quality fresh meat, fresh food and grocery.

Also Coles specials of weekly catalogue for Valentine's Day are featured on the new sale published in last week.

Coles Catalogue February 2015 has T-bone steak, Asian style meat, chicken variety, fresh food and seafood on the meat department selection.
View pg; 1-5 for these products featuring low priced products of the Coles Catalogue February 2015.


Australian pears is highlighted this week with its good price.
$1.90 is the value you need to pay for 1 kg.
And vegetable varieties from Coles are below.

  • Australian snow peas, 150g, (PACK)
  • Victorian beach bunch, $1.50
  • Australian cup or sliced cup mushrooms, 200g, PACK, $2.50
  • Australian large banana prawns raw thawed, $17
  • Lilydale free range whole chicken, $6


This weekly catalogue coverage offers bread variety for new reduced prices.
Coles bread, chocolate bakery products are good offers of this week.
Snacks with chips, chocolate and confectionery are featured on pg; 8-9.
See Vanish napisan oxi action from Coles Catalogue on pg; 10.
Chocolate varieties are available on pG; 11.

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