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Coles Catalogue March savings with new low prices for many products consist of only best of quality productions of Aussie farms, favorite canned food etc.

Coles sells the best of them while letting you reach the lowest values for them.

Among Australian supermarket grocery departments you are here able to view all of the best ones.
Coles and Woolworths Catalogues are doing well.

Every day sale offers pasta variety and also they got a correct quality of the sauces for the pasta variety they sell for this catalogue.
Amazing offers of the Coles Catalogue this week are featured on this new exhibition.
Don't miss out the new Coles reviews on the main page.

  • Imported freshwater basa fillets thawed $5.50 kg
  • Coles Deli mini range, $0.95
  • Coles Approved chicken kiev family pack, 700g, $8.50
  • Coles Australian beef oyster blade steak, $10


Seafood sale for this week in Coles Stores and you can view a new nice low prices for them on pg; 9.

  • Imported vannamei prawns thawed, $15
  • Sirena Tuna, $4
  • Imported garlic prawns thawed, $22
  • Large Australian raw banana prawns, $18
  • King Oscar Sardines, 150g, $2
  • Pacific west salt and pepper squid 360g, $6


Coles dairy products including fresh yoghurt and packed food like cheese variety are featured on new catalogue.
See new Coles specials on this week's catalogue on pg; 11.

  • Vaalia low fat yoghurt 900g, $4
  • Latina filled pasta, 375g, $4
  • La Famiglia garlic slices, 270g, $3
  • Greek Style farmers union, $5

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