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Coles items for the month of February 2015

Coles, via Coles catalogue online products February 2015, again brings you a fresh set of products as you can see, and that too, at half the price! Buying affordable groceries online just became easier.

coles catalogue online products February 2015 helps you to find out the best of the deals offered on food items and toiletries.
Nice & Natural Nut Bars: You get these nut bars of 180g – 192g, or oatie blasts of 150g $1.99. This healthy nutrition bar is yoghurt based and perfect for that diet you have been maintaining.
Kleenex Cottonelle Toilet Tissue: You get 12 rolls of these soft cotton tissues in white or printed for just $4.50 as mentioned in Coles catalogue online products February 2015.
Sausage Range: Now you get to buy Coles’ finest gluten-free Angus beef garlic and parsley sausages at 30% off, for just $5.60.
Go online and get hold of them while the offer included in Coles catalogue online products February 2015 lasts.

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