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Buy your fresh fruits, deli meat, fresh meat, snacks, soft drinks, breakfast foods, and more food products at great bargains with Foodland Catalogue. Every week you are able to see the entire product range of the catalogue here. Foodland can offer half prices on different categories of weekly shopping products. The discounts can be higher in numbers on special days like Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, New Year celebration and other special days. Check the catalogues in holidays if you want to see more discounts than regular days. Like many other retailers, Foodland has great offers in such days. They have healthy food offers, too. For example, whole foods are recommended by doctors and dieticians and you can buy some at Foodland. Snack deals are an important part of every supermarket catalogue! Check out the best offers of Foodland in their online catalogues and specials.

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Foodland Catalogue Deals 15 - 21 May 2019

Foodland Catalogue Deals 15 - 21 May 2019 are general grocery items, breakfast foods, fresh produce and more items. You have also meat products such as Australian premium beef scotch fillet bulk priced at $30.99! Snack sale, pantry, and more are in the catalogue. Subscribe to the newsletter to get emails about the new deals every week.

Half-price deals:

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Foodland Catalogue Grocery Deals March 2019

Foodland generally offers great food deals on its weekly catalogues. Special sales like half-price discounts on canned food, cheese, Italian foods, fresh foods, snacks, and more general grocery products from different departments are the main subjects of Foodland Catalogues. Currently, there are two catalogues of Foodland; 6 - 12 Mar and 13 - 19 Mar sales are easy to find. The last catalogue has a spectacular meat range consisting of porterhouse steak bulk, global cooked tail-on prawns, free-range leg ham, and more items. Primo, Ingham's, Tassal are popular brands in these catalogues.

Bakery and deli offers are great, too. Check out hot cross buns 6-12 pack that is baked locally. Pay only $4.29 for Balfours hot cross buns at Foodland. Snacks-beverage sale of the Foodland Catalogue has a considerable amount of nice deals. Kettle chips, Nestle KitKat, M&M's, Starburst, and more favourite snacks are in that part of the catalogue. Cadbury dairy milk gift pouches will cost only $4.50 at Foodland stores. Save on Cadbury fingers, Doritos cracker packs, Captain's Table crackers, are big pack snacks. Visit pg 12-13 to see the savings on these purchases. Restock your pantry products at lower costs. They have a great pantry range. Gravox sachets, Praise mayonnaise, Heinz canned foods, and many more items are on sale this week.

Easyslicer Half-Price Deal | Free Shipping | $24.95 Only! Limited Time

I recently came across one of the best internet deals. It seems to be that the half-price deal on Easyslicer is only valid for a limited time! Maybe one of the simplest gadget for slicing fruits, fresh vegetables, or maybe fish. Prepare fruit salads with this product and save time. We don't even need to explain how it works. Just place your fruit in it, press on top, get your slices dropped in the plastic container. Use it in mornings for your routine salad mixes and enjoy when it's lunchtime at work.

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Method of Easyslicer is as simple as it can be. A set of sharp and stainless steel blades and two arms of Easyslicer will cut anything remotely edible into formal shapes. Anything can look more delicious as cubed or sliced.
Moreover, the blades are customizable for whatever the shape you need. Cut your cucumber into cubes, julienne slices, regular slices, or add boiled egg pieces of carrots in your salad. The product has 5 options for cutting or slicing. Compared to a knife, no matter how sharp your knife is, this method is 10 times faster. That half-price deal is a double-double save considering the time you save as well.
The container is also a very practical part of the gadget. It's a snap-on high-quality plastic food container that has a solid lid completely protective of the fresh foods. That is kind of a lock to create a safe place, especially for fresh fruits and veg. Slice your food, keep it in the storage and leave it cool in the fridge.


If we combine what we got with this kitchen gadget:

- Sharp and stainless steel blades with 5 different cutting or slicing methods.
- A great container for your food. Lockable and 200mL capacity.
- Half the price saved.
- 10x time saved from the regular slicing methods.

With this kitchen gadget you can slice all kinds of fresh produce you buy from Coles, Woolworths, IGA, Foodworks, Foodland and more stores. All of them have catalogues that are valid right now.


Foodland Catalogue Snacks Feb 13 - 19, 2019

Browse the latest grocery products of the Foodland Catalogue. But there is also a great snack range. Moreover, the deals are waiting for all customers. The online catalogue is currently viewable with the deals that are valid 3 more days. Buy Coca-Cola, Doritos chips, Monster Energy drinks, and more in this part of the catalogue. Restock your snacks regularly using the Foodland catalogues. McVitie's digestives, Arnott's Yo-Yo, belVita, Arnott's TimTam and more popular biscuits, cookies, chips and more are the featured items of the snack category. Frozen sale is also a good part of the new catalogue. Magnum ice cream, Lean Cuisine, Birds Eye packaged foods, and much more are available on sale. In this page, you can always check out for a new Foodland Catalogue. Weekly offers are really useful to spot a great discount for weekly needs.

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