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Buy your fresh fruits, deli meat, fresh meat, snacks, soft drinks, breakfast foods, and more food products at great bargains with Foodland Catalogue. Every week you are able to see the entire product range of the catalogue here. Foodland can offer half prices on different categories of weekly shopping products. The discounts can be higher in numbers on special days like Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, New Year celebration and other special days. Check the catalogues in holidays if you want to see more discounts than regular days. Like many other retailers, Foodland has great offers in such days. They have healthy food offers, too. For example, whole foods are recommended by doctors and dieticians and you can buy some at Foodland. Snack deals are an important part of every supermarket catalogue! Check out the best offers of Foodland in their online catalogues and specials.

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Foodland Catalogue 18 - 24 May 2022

Make a lamb meal and decorate your table with delicious fresh vegetables for a lower cost with the guide of Foodland Catalogue 18 - 24 May 2022. Browse all the new items of the week in this catalogue that can help you save more. You can follow all these deals on our social accounts or alternatively, you can leave your email address, and we will start sending the news about these catalogues on a regular basis. Check out meat, deals in the Foodland catalogue sale. Meat meals suit the atmosphere Read More...


Foodland Catalogue 11 - 17 May 2022

Find the top deals on grocery products, snacks, save with half prices, and use Foodland Catalogue 11 - 17 May 2022 to get your groceries this week. Half-price deals on products like Cadbury favourites can be seen on the front page. Explore tomatoes, broccoli on pg 2-3. One of the strong parts of this catalogue is the fresh meat sale. Products like rump steak is gonna be on sale this week at your local foodland. Save with bakery bargains this week. Buy your favourite bread or sweet buns from t Read More...

Foodland Catalogue Sale 10 - 16 Jun 2020

Foodland Catalogue Sale 10 - 16 Jun 2020Foodland Catalogue offers new half prices. Buy snacks and treats like Marshmallows, Arnott's Shapes, Kettle chips, The Natural Snakes at half prices on the first page. Shop the grocery products of Foodland using the catalogue deals to save. Pg 2-3 shows the new prices of footy snacks. Follow the games with the companionship of your favourite snacks this week. Cadbury favourites 373g will cost only $7 this week. Half-price savings will be one of the attractions you might come across on the same pages. Being a versatile supermarket, Foodland can offer you different services including notifying you about the deals.

Shift to the healthy foods with Foodland Catalogue sale 10 - 16 Jun. Browse the latest prices of some whole foods on pg 6. Fresh and delicious produce items can be browsed on pg 6-7. Moreover, you got the options of locally grown products there.

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Foodland Catalogue Half-Price Deals

The latest Foodland Catalogue has half-price deals on three important products on the first page. Only one day left for these deals but there will be another Foodland Catalogue tomorrow or on Wednesday. Don't skip these catalogues if you like to receive some nice deals from the retailer. Golden circle fruit drinks, Cold Power laundry liquid, and Peters Drumsticks are all half-price deals this week.

Foodland BBQ Sausage Deal 22 - 28 April

Foodland BBQ Sausage Deal 22 - 28 AprilFoodland Catalogue offers a lot of nice things this week. One of the latest deals is BBQ sausage. Australian lamb loin chops and BBQ sausage deals are available on the first page. Slape & Sons BBQ sausages 1.5kg will cost $7.50 ea. Foodland Catalogue covers half-price deals on the cover page. Buy Nutri-grain, Cadbury Roses, Golden Circle Tetra Drinks, and Golden Pancakes for half prices.