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Buy your fresh fruits, deli meat, fresh meat, snacks, soft drinks, breakfast foods, and more food products at great bargains with Foodland Catalogue. Every week you are able to see the entire product range of the catalogue here. Foodland can offer half prices on different categories of weekly shopping products. The discounts can be higher in numbers on special days like Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, New Year celebration and other special days. Check the catalogues in holidays if you want to see more discounts than regular days. Like many other retailers, Foodland has great offers in such days. They have healthy food offers, too. For example, whole foods are recommended by doctors and dieticians and you can buy some at Foodland. Snack deals are an important part of every supermarket catalogue! Check out the best offers of Foodland in their online catalogues and specials.

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Foodland Catalogue 18 - 24 May 2022

Make a lamb meal and decorate your table with delicious fresh vegetables for a lower cost with the guide of Foodland Catalogue 18 - 24 May 2022. Browse all the new items of the week in this catalogue that can help you save more. You can follow all these deals on our social accounts or alternatively, you can leave your email address, and we will start sending the news about these catalogues on a regular basis. Check out meat, deals in the Foodland catalogue sale. Meat meals suit the atmosphere Read More...


Foodland Catalogue 11 - 17 May 2022

Find the top deals on grocery products, snacks, save with half prices, and use Foodland Catalogue 11 - 17 May 2022 to get your groceries this week. Half-price deals on products like Cadbury favourites can be seen on the front page. Explore tomatoes, broccoli on pg 2-3. One of the strong parts of this catalogue is the fresh meat sale. Products like rump steak is gonna be on sale this week at your local foodland. Save with bakery bargains this week. Buy your favourite bread or sweet buns from t Read More...

Foodland Catalogue Sale 8 - 14 Apr 2020

Foodland Catalogue Sale 8 - 14 Apr 2020Easter sale with half-price deals on carnival rabbit, egg crate, Oreo cookies, and oven bake fish fillets on the first page. Shop Foodland Catalogue for the best prices of Aussie foods and traditional Easter sweets. Check out Foodland Covid-19 update on the second page. Measures and precautions there. Shop Cadbury, Lindt products, new meat offers, cheese and deli products, and more. You can buy lamb loin rib cutlets bulk for $29/kg.

Buy Snacks This Week at IGA Catalogue Under $10

Buy Snacks This Week at IGA Catalogue Under $10Create a snack pack with a pack of chips, a bar of chocolate, and a bottle of your favourite soda. Three supermarket catalogues have snacks and drink categories. All of them have fair prices and half-price deals, too. Top brands are available at IGA, Foodland, and Foodworks. Not all of them are available in your place probably. However, if you can compare these, use these catalogues to save.

Shop IGA Catalogue snacks under $10:

Foodworks Catalogue has even better. The latest Foodworks Catalogue can offer you a range of chips, half-price deals on your favourite snack brands, and soda packs. Everyone's favourite drink Coca-Cola mini cans will cost $6.80 only.

One more catalogue to buy your snack pack under $10. They mostly won't even cost $8 - $9. With these one sweet, one salty, and one refreshing drinks and snack pack, every night will be cool. You won't need to spend a lot with losing yourself in the snack aisles. Just consider three products and focus on them. If you don't like sweets, that's a win-win. If you like to have healthy snacks, go for nuts or walnuts. One thing about Foodland Catalogue is that Cadbury favourites pack is a half-price deal and it'll be $10 this week.

Buy Snacks This Week at IGA Catalogue Under $10 Buy Snacks This Week at IGA Catalogue Under $10

Foodland Catalogue Deals 9 - 15 Oct 2019

Half-price sale covers new products this week on Foodland Catalogue. Shop Doritos, Peters Drumsticks, Golden Circle tetra pack, and John West canned tuna for half price. Save on fresh produce like tomatoes, and whole foods. Finding premium quality meat can be tricky but when you browse catalogues it's a higher chance spotting them because they are usually selected to be promoted by a publication. I recommend you to visit pg 4-5 of the Foodland Catalogue to see new meat sale. Lilydale chicken products are also on that page. Browse more deals from the grocery section. Low carb bread, fruit loaf, wraps, and more are available on pg 5. The catalogue is also a good source of deals on snacks.