Foodworks Catalogue Deals 6 – 12 Mar 2019

Win $1000 visa gift cards at Foodworks supermarket. Half-price deals on Connoisseur ice cream, Cadbury dairy milk, John West tuna are available on the first page. Snacks, sauces, pantry products are available on pg 2-3. One of the classics for easy pasta meals is the Barilla Pasta sauce. Simple, quite effective, tasty enough for those who don’t feel like cooking a big meal. Barilla Pasta spaghetti and sauce will be a great combination for anyone who needs a simple lunch or dinner. You also have deals on Golden Circle sparkling juice 4pack x 250mL is one of the new products. Explore the Birthday specials of Foodworks. Snacks and beverage packs like Pringles and Cadbury Dairy milk are available on that page. If you like packaged food you are browsing the correct catalogue. Logan Farm frozen fries, Beston pure Edwards crossing vintage cheddar, Mrs. Mac’s microwave pie, Healthy Choice meals, On the Menu frozen meals, and half prices are the good ones from pg 4. Also, the non-food range of the latest catalogue can be interesting for those who need a good deal on baby care, AA or AAA batteries, and more products.

Check out some of the nice deals from this catalogue: