Foodworks Christmas 8 – 14 Nov 2023

Stock up on Christmas products, candies, treats, gift wrapping, and more related products while they are on sale. Foodworks Christmas 8 – 14 Nov 2023 sale will allow you to spot the best deals of the week. Grocery, snacks, treats, and many others are featured offers this week.

Foodworks Christmas 8 - 14 Nov 2023

Save half on products snacks and grocery. A lot of half-price deals appear in the new catalogue. You will like this catalogue if you are fond of them. Foodworks Catalogue has Oreo cookies, Doritos corn chips, and more items on the first page as part of the half-price sale.

½ prices from the first page:

  • Oreo Cookies 128-133g $1.25
  • Cadbury Chocolate Bites or Confectionery 130-160g $2.50
  • Doritos Corn Chips 150/170 $2.40
  • Bulla Splits, Crunch, Frozen Yoghurt, Ice Cream Bars or Chupa Chups Minis Ice Cream 8-14 Pack $3
  • Twinings Tea Bags 80/100 pack $6.75
  • Dynamo Professional Laundry Liquid2L $14.50

Christmas sale is a big part of the new catalogue as many catalogues started to offer their best collections of festive treats and snacks. That includes popular brands like Cadbury, gift wrapping, and many others. Expect to see products like these in the new catalogue:

  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Advent Calendar 90g 30% off
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Santa, Magic Elves or Marshmallow Santa Share Pack 144/175g 2 for $7
  • ½ price Cadbury favourites chocolate favourites
  • Christmas thin Ghome 30% off
  • Premium Bon Bons 8 Pack 30% off
  • Korbond Premium Gift Tags or Christmas Mini Baubles 12 Pack 30% off

Many more are available in the Foodworks Christmas 8 – 14 Nov 2023.

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