Foodworks Deals 6 – 12 Sep 2023

Spring cleaning season is here. Half-price deals will help you double your shopping budget. Check out products like Ben & Jerry ice cream, CC’s Corn chips, Lindt Lindor, Kellogg’s Cereal, and more products on the first page. They are all half-price deals. Spring cleaning sale is a great part of the new catalogue because they have half-price deals there, too. They have Chux Magic eraser spot cleaner, Botanica by Air Wick, Bref Toilet Cleaner Gel, Pine-O-Cleen, Ajax Eco Multipurpose cleaner surface, and many more products.

Foodworks Deals 6 - 12 Sep 2023

  •  ½ price Ben & Jerry’s ice cream tub, Steggles chicken breast, Morning Fresh Dishwashing Liquid, CC’s Corn Chips, Lindt Lindor or Excellence chocolate block
  • ½ price Chux Magic Eraser Spot Cleaner, Botanica by Air Wick Non-Aerosol Room Spray, Bref Toilet Cleaner Gel, Ajax Eco Multipurpose Cleaner Surface, Windex Surface & Glass Cleaner and more
  • 30% off cleaning essentials: Sorbent Toilet Tissue, Kleenex Complete Clean Toilet Tissue, and more Spring deals
  • Cheese and charcuterie: rice crackers, camembert cheese, cheese block, mature cheddar, Don Vica Olives, and more products
  • Snacks: Twisties, Red Rock Deli potato chips, Cottee’s Cordial 1L, Cadbury Share Pack, The Natural Confectionery company, Cadbury Medium Chocolate Bars, and more
  • ½ price So Good Almond Milk 1L UHT
  • ½ price Snack Time: Cheezels, Natural Cracker Company, Jumpy’s or Cheezels Crackers
  • ½ price Bulla Murray Street Ice Cream, KitKat or Oreo Ice Cream

Many more products are available in the new Foodworks Catalogue 6 – 12 Sep 2023. Subscribe to the newsletter of to get more deals.

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