Foodworks Deals 9 – 15 Aug 2023

Foodworks supermarket offers baby care products. You can get them cheaper this week. Baby moisturizer, medicated powder, baby wipes, and more products are available at lower prices this week. Save half on your favourite snacks and grocery. Double your shopping budget. If you focus on half-price items, imagine how much you can save on your weekly needs. It is easy just by browsing these weekly catalogues. Arnott’s Chocolate, Nescafé Sachets, Mars Pods, Patties Party Pies, and more are ½ price items. Foodworks has a great range of meat, fresh produce including fruits, and more fresh items. Explore Foodworks Deals 9 – 15 Aug 2023 including these:

Foodworks Deals 9 - 15 Aug 2023

  • ½ price Arnott’s Chocolate, Campbell’s Chunky, Patties Party Pies, Lynx Deodorant, Mars Pods, M&M’s, Maltesers, Skittles Bags, and more
  • 30% off baby care products
  • Treats, bakery products, entertaining products. Cheese Blocks, Salami Knob, Wafer Crackers, and more items
  • 40% off Coca-Cola Cans
  • ½ price snacks: Cadbury chocolate medium bars, Life Savers confectionery, The Natural Confectionery Company, Cadbury chocolate favourites
  • ½ price Golden Crumpet 6 pack, Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy Yoghurt
  • 30% off Peters Drumsticks
  • 30% – 40% off personal care products of Nivea, Johnson’s & Johnson’s body wash, and more products
  • ½ price household cleaning supplies. Cold Power Triple Caps laundry detergent
  • ½ price White Wings Baking Mix, Primo Short Cut rindless bacon, and many more

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