Grocery Sale: Foodland and Foodworks 13 – 19 Sep

Foodworks and Foodland have both new catalogues for their grocery deals. Some polls show that Foodland is the best grocery shopping experience. You can find great half-price deals in the latest Foodland catalogue. Spring cleaning is a part of both catalogues this week. Foodworks Catalogue 13 – 19 Sep offers meat, entertainint foods, stock up deals for snacks and beverages. Various types of deals are available in the Foodland Catalogue 13 – 19 Sep. As you can guess, they offer great items at half prices but there is more to it. rewards, price match guarantee, everyday low prices and an extensive product range are what these stores offer.

Foodworks Catalogue 13 – 19 Sep 

Shop grocery items and snacks at half prices, find healthy foods at lower costs, browse Spring cleaning products in the new catalogue. You can find fresh fruits at lower costs, too.

Foodworks Catalogue 13 - 19 Sep 2023

  • ½ price John West Tuna, Campbell’s Real Stock, Rexona Deodorant, Cadbury Chocolate Bites, Magnum Ice Cream, and more products
  • ½ price Wellness products: Cenovis
  • Save 40% off Golden Crumpet, 30% off Wonder White Wraps, 30% off Tip Top Raisin Toast
  • 40% off Fanta, Coke
  • ½ price KitKat Nestlé Medium Chocolate Bars
  • 30% off Nescafé Blend 43 or Gold Original Instant Coffee
  • 40% off McCain Beef Batter Fries or Wedges

Foodland Catalogue 13 – 19 Sep 

Buy your grocery needs from Foodland stores. Pay only half for some of them including snacks and breakfast products. Streets Magnum Multipacks will cost only $5.25 this week.

Foodland Catalogue 13 - 19 Sep 2023

  • ½ price Cadbury Medium Bars, Magnum Multipacks, Arnott’s Family Chocolate Biscuits, Golden Bakery Crumpet Round 6 Pack
  • ½ price L’Oreal Preference or Excellence Hair Colour, Rexona Roll On Deodorant, Johnson’s Body Wash, Dynamo 7 in 1 Professional Discs, Finish Quantum Ultimate Pro Dishwashing Tablets, and more offers
  • Fresh produce: asparagus, Chinese cabbage, Adelaide Hills Kanzi Apples, potatoes, Oyster Mushrooms, and more offers
  • Meat products: Premium Beef Rump Steak, Community Co Ham Steak on sale
  • Biscuit snacks: Arnott’s Shapes or Jatz Biscuits, Arnott’s Cream Biscuits, Tim Tam or Mint Slice Value Pack, and many more
  • Everyday Low Prices: OB Finest Crackers, Arnott’s Farmbake Biscuits, Papa Joe’s Banana Bread, Mighty Soft Bread Range, and more products
  • B Honey Jar, Golden Circle Fruit Juice, Morning Sun Muesli, and more offers

You will find more deals in these catalogues.

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