IGA Catalogue 22 - 28 Apr 2020

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Grocery, meat, snacks, half prices, fridge food, and more in IGA Catalogue 22 - 28 Apr 2020. New half-price sale is now available.
22 - 28 Apr 2020

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IGA Catalogue Sale 22 - 28 Apr 2020 Shop essentials at lower costs at IGA. Pay half for Pantene shampoo, save on Fanta or Coca-Cola, and wash your clothes with Omo at lower costs. Mud cake, sliced ham, snacks, and ready meals are basica... read more
Become IGA Family Program for Free Leave your email for IGA to receive great recipes and news. IGA family program members receive exclusive offers, too. Subjects like cooking with kids, basics of health and body, pets, and home economi... read more

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