IGA Catalogue 8 - 14 Nov 2023

IGA Catalogue
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IGA Catalogue 8 - 14 Nov 2023 offers half-price deals for so many products. That includes products like Cadbury favourites, V Energy Drink, Connoisseur Gourmet ice cream, and more that appear on the first page. The half-price sale is a great chance to save on some household supplies, too. IGA offers special half-price deals on Omo laundry liquid, Colgate advanced whitening, and The Natural Chip Co. Chips and more products.

This is also a Christmas sale with beloved candies and chocolates at lower prices. You can save on products like Toblerone, Maltesers Gift Box, Cadbury Dairy Milk Gift Box, and more items. Find new prices of meat, ham, BBQ chicken, and many more items in the new catalogue.